5 Best Sites to Buy Discord Server Members

Discord is a popular online community for gamers, and it’s hard to find a service without it. The software was created for gamers and has since gone viral, meaning there are plenty of communities to join.

If you’re looking for a way to grow your brand or business by increasing the number of people on Discord, we’ve got some great tips for you! We will introduce the four best sites to buy Discord members in this article.

1. HypeFreaks

HypeFreaks is currently the most popular provider for Discord members. It’s a secure and reputable marketplace to acquire or sell members from the Discord server, with an easy-to-navigate website that sells member packs for $ 14 and up.

They have been named by TIJ as the fastest member suppliers in the market, with delivery times of 4 to 12 hours and frequently less than 48 hours; which is considerably faster than other merchants who can take 24 hours to deliver purchases.

HypeFreaks also sells members online, which makes it a great option for increasing the social proof of your Discord community.

2. Gram

Gramlike is another fantastic provider of Discord members, with the best prices on the market right now. This site also accepts cryptocurrency, which is useful if you want to leave Web 2.0. They also provide real-looking Discord members that are delivered and supported 24/7 with real human customer service if something goes wrong with your order.

3. SocialProofz

A third is SocialProofz, a gaming community that also sells in-game items and Discord members. Because the site is frequented by gamers, it’s easy to find someone who wants to supplement their income by providing you with Discord members.

4. Disc Members

A fourth alternative, with fantastic and high quality prices. They also have top notch customer service given that they aren’t as well-known as Gramlike or HypeFreaks. Their members are far from perfect, but they perform well in most groups without really standing out.

5. Fifth

Fiverr is an online digital marketplace where you can buy Discord members. You’ll find everything from logo designs and programming, graphic design, and even copywriting services, which can come in handy if you’re looking for more than just server members.

What is the average cost?

The price of Discord server members differs from provider to provider, with 100 members costing between $ 15 and US $ 20, while 500 Discord server users cost around $ 50. Naturally, the more people you acquire, the less each user will cost.

How do I buy Discord members online?

It’s really easy to acquire Discord members. You need to go online and locate a reputable provider that sells Discord members, link them to your server, and pay them using a payment method such as PayPal or cryptocurrency.

Once you’ve paid, the Discord member provider will use the link you provided to add people to your server. After the transaction is complete, it can take 12 to 48 hours (according to the Daily Iowan) for Discord users to be added to your server.

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