5 web apps for text, voice and video calls that don’t require recording

Ready to stop registering new accounts? By using websites without registration, you will never need to create another account again. You can also reduce privacy concerns by finding anonymous ways to join a video chat.

To start saving your time and privacy, try these video, text, and voice chat tools without any registration requirements.

no jumpchat registration

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JumpChat provides one of the easiest ways to make free video calls online without signing up. From its home page, it’s as easy as clicking on the Start your JumpChat now button. Once you click on it, you are instantly in an anonymous video chat.

Getting other people involved is as easy as using a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + I) or by clicking Add users in the chat menu. You can choose to copy a link, use a QR code, or send an email to your friends. Additionally, JumpChat has no limit on the number of people who can join the chat.

In terms of features, JumpChat supports video chat, text chat, screen sharing, and file sharing. If you are using an ad-block, you might notice some issues while signing in. If so, you may need to turn off your ad blocker for the duration of the call.

While chatting, JumpChat allows you to easily share files. For those who care about their privacy, you can specify which users to share with and ignore which ones you don’t. Then it’s as easy as choosing the file and having them accept the download.

To make it even easier to build a group, JumpChat supports most major browsers. For desktop users, JumpChat officially works on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. JumpChat also supports Chrome and Firefox on Android or Safari on iOS.

If you want to share your screen in your browser, JumpChat will let you choose your browser’s default screen sharing option. If you find them limiting, try these free online screen sharing tools and websites.

chat on web room whiteboard

WebRoom offers a more in-depth option for those who want to host online videos for classes or meetings. Up to twelve people can participate in the HD video call. Although WebRoom requires you to enter a name and email address to create a room, you don’t need to use a working email (unless you want a quick recap email after the call).

WebRoom, however, offers its no-registration online video calling with a channel attached – you only have a trial room that exists for 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes, WebRoom will try to invite you to create a trial account. However, you can just recreate the room under another email and continue the chat if necessary.

After entering your name and email address, WebRoom checks and tests your browser, then generates a room for you. Each chat room is divided into three sections: participants, workspaces and discussion. The participants area mainly focuses on controlling invitations, grouping users, audio / video switching, and sharing your screen.

The workspace makes up the majority of the room as it allows you to share websites, PDF presentations, YouTube links, embed videos, create a whiteboard, upload files or play an MP3 . For an integrated whiteboard, WebRoom’s tools will satisfy most users. For anyone interested in a more robust virtual whiteboard, there are always alternatives to try.

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With the chat / ratings / poll section, you can switch between the three by clicking on a header tab. The chat section displays a time-stamped text chat with emojis and two clickable automatic replies. Meanwhile, the notes section just lets you type in some text.

The poll section allows you to copy existing polls or create new ones. In terms of survey options, you’re limited to text in the question field and a maximum of five text responses. After creating a poll, you can then open, close, and publish the poll in that order.

Overall, WebRoom offers a surprising amount of detail for a free service. If you decide to sign up after using the time-limited WebRoom, there is a 15-day free trial option. However, unless you are specifically interested in the virtual classroom and the management it supports, the basic WebRoom experience should suffice.

anonymous chat room volafile

Volafile offers you the best of both worlds. Not only do you get an anonymous text chat, but you can also share files.

To keep things anonymous, you start with an automatically generated username. If you don’t name your room, Volafile will generate a name for it as well. For more privacy, you can set a password or Volafile PRO users can change the URL.

Once you’ve shared the room URL, it’s time to share the files. Volafile allows you to share files up to 20 GB per file. The files will then last for up to two days before expiring.

Anyone can search or filter files by different categories including video, picture, music, documents, others, or archives. However, only the room creator can delete files or ban the timeout for any misbehaving user. If someone needs to be banned, you can set timeouts of thirty minutes, two hours, or a whole day.

While this is a more minimal chat room on the surface, Volafile helps those who understand the compelling reasons why you need anonymity online.

chatzy quickroom example

Chatzy looks like an old-fashioned chat room app, but with a ton of modern features. It aims to be accessible to everyone, so it does not use custom HTML or JavaScript code. Instead, you can enter rich text, share images, and post playable video thumbnails.

Rather than relying on predefined buttons, Chatzy relies heavily on manually entering items in the chat. You will have much more control if you are prepared to carefully set up your chat room, learn chat controls, and understand its special features.

For your privacy, Chatzy assigns each chat room a unique identification number. Unless anyone attempting to break in can correctly guess between zero and one trillion, you have a good chance of keeping your cat anonymous.

anonymous video call messaging room

Messenger Rooms is not entirely without registration. Unfortunately, the creator of the initial room must have a Facebook or Messenger account, although he is the only one. They can start a room from Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Portal devices.

After creating the room, other people can join the video chat without any Facebook accounts just by entering a username and joining the call. Then you are free to use the room as a video or voice call for as long as you want.

If you have privacy concerns, you can always choose to register after someone else has started a room. Still, while Messenger Rooms offers a great online video calling with no sign-in option, some features are limited.

Anonymous members will not be able to view text chat until they have logged in with an account; they can start watching videos together instead. You also have the option to share your screen if you sign up from the desktop.

Skip the online chat registration

Although many services will try to register you, it is not always necessary to provide your information. There are many ways to make free calls online without registering while still maintaining your privacy.

Simply abandon the account creation and enjoy the rooms generated instantly.

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