6 video games that had their first nightmares due to server issues


The desire to play hip made it difficult for avid gamers to experience them on the way out.

When online gambling was born as a type of hobby, it did so in a disconnected way; as a remote delight, it depended 100% on the software that was once plugged into the TV. Lately, because of the web, the stakes are different, while video games that have nothing to do with the networking community persist, there are also those that need a web connection to be liked. And we’re not quite talking about online video games corresponding to the latest Battlefield 2042 or CoD Forefront. In fact, describing it is already unnecessary, but in fact, with that extra class, they got here problems that after the regime it is to play online, still no answer.

Perhaps the most important problem with online video games is their preservation. These are reports that are best found online, a ventilated area that is not always energetic, and by the time they unplug the server, they disappear, some in advance, no matter how much you have the hard drive. home installation. But excluding this slightly anthropological factor, there is immediately a factor that can be the same or more aggravating: connectivity. Embark on a recreation on the Internet and that, whatever the reason, the technical ecosystem is volatile; that there are insufficient opportunities for reaction; be expelled from theaters; or, worse yet, that it is not even conceivable to enter it.

The years cross, the test sessions cross and despite everything, this kind of failure survives, destroying in just a few days the anticipation generated around a recess, sometimes irreparably. With this in thoughts, we decided to make a temporary addiction of 6 online games that had nightmarish firsts.

Diablo III

Diablo III Diablo is undoubtedly one of the oldest names in the RPG scene, so Diablo III generated some memorable anticipation. That, coupled with a makeover to its design, which brought it completely online, produced a server saturation that Snowfall didn’t expect. Other people may not come in and the anger has not waited.


Simcity As if he had achieved absolutely nothing from Diablo III, SimCity made the same mistakes a few months later, and the result was once the same: disaster. Maxis sent him back online and convinced the time was up which was once a lie. What happened ? Weeks of technical issues and the eventual shutdown of Maxis.

Watch dogs 2

Watch Canine 2 Probably the nicest variation of Watch Canine 2 with Main Section recognition was that it supported cooperative play in story mode. Unfortunately, initially the multiplayer matchmaking machine would slow down and crash the game, so this layout was once inactive or restricted for several days.

Halo the Master Chief collection

Halo The Grasp Leader Assortment The 2014 Halo The Grasp Leader Assortment was once meant to be a love letter to enthusiasts… but it wasn’t. With bugs, everything associated with functioning online has failed: contacting pals, forming a group and, in fact, pairing, which was once eternal. Microsoft and 343 Industries took 1 month to complete the anthology.


Driveclub Driveclub was supposed to be the flagship of the PlayStation 4, but it debuted more than a year after the console. There were issues even before the premiere, which suffered a number of delays, and when the sport debuted in 2014 there was actually no zone on the servers. Someone needed to leave for everyone else to come in. Ridiculous. Driveclub was once the latest Evolution Studios advanced hobby.

GTA Online

GTA Online It’s exhausting to think that what started out as a crisis turned into the most popular game in history, but it was. GTA Online was once a suckling pig in the beginning, with bouts of trouble, endless lobbies ready, running disconnects, a lack of profiles, in short. It has all remained an anecdote and these days GTA On-line is responsible for having 4 million re-releases of GTA V.

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