Abed Sarker founded startup ‘Independent Entrepreneur’ and launches new-age web services

Sep 01, 2022 3:16 PM STI

New Delhi [India]September 1 (ANI/ATK): Bangladesh-based independent startup Independent Entrepreneur, founded by Abed Sarker, recently announced the launch of digital services to broaden the reach of its offerings with the aim of “creating entrepreneurs for the future “.
The startup was founded in 2019 and is a joint collaboration of Abed with Md. Ismail Ahmed and Sakib Rafsan. Currently, 45 agents are working within the Independent Entrepreneurship Institute to move closer to their goal of being successful entrepreneurs.
“Entrepreneurship is more a state of mind than an aspiration. You can only be an entrepreneur when you get your hands dirty and test the courage of your ideas and execution. We have trained these agents to that they are expanding their ideas and giving them a real feel in this journey full of learnings and failures.Our goal is to digitally empower and build independent entrepreneurs for the future and we are pleased with the growth we have achieved,” Abed said in a statement.
CEO Abed, a young digital marketer, entrepreneur and writer, along with his team launched various digital services to expand the scope of their offerings which consisted of web design and development, business ideas.

Independent entrepreneur CEO Abed has already trained more than 5,000 people worldwide with his successful social media marketing startup and his leadership skills are spreading word of mouth even faster. Abed Sarker is known as a Bangladeshi entrepreneur, author, social media marketer. All his efforts will bear fruit.
Abed Sarker has loved writing stories since childhood. He used to fall asleep writing stories. Now he has no time to fall asleep. Now he is also a famous writer from Bangladesh. Abed never despised his profession, rather he saw it as powerful. He always worked with his will.
When Abed Sarker was asked about his organization, Abed said – Independent Entrepreneur is a digital agency, where various solutions can be found. There are some rather new small businesses inside the country, which cannot attract everyone due to proper advertising. So that they can without much effort expand the business quickly, the free enterprise visionary is the arrangement.
According to the founders, a lot of people spend a lot of time having fun online. Many of us could have progressed further than we imagined if the time had been used to learn new things. There are currently billions of free resources available online, including YouTube videos with educational activities. Thus, the vehicle of learning has become much simpler than before.
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