Akamai Malware Protection blocks malicious files uploaded to web applications and APIs

Akamai Technologies unveiled Malware Protection, which protects web applications and APIs from malicious downloads. The solution extends Akamai’s Web Application and API (WAAP) protection, detecting and blocking malware at the edge, preventing it from reaching targeted systems where it can explode and spread.

Malware Protection addresses the growing problem of malware embedded in files uploaded to web applications such as travel and hospitality, financial sites, customer portals and content management systems. The solution offers a modern approach to protection, inspecting files uploaded to applications and APIs on the Akamai Intelligent Edge network, detecting and blocking malware at the edge.

Because the malware scanning engine is hosted entirely on Akamai Intelligent Edge, customers don’t have to install anything and no application code changes are required. This makes deployment and maintenance easier than other approaches, such as integrated Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) solutions. Because malware is blocked at the edge, malware protection also provides a better security outcome, isolating threats from targeted origins.

“Business processes in various industries have shifted to web applications, and users are downloading far more files than before,” said Patrick Sullivan, CTO, Security Strategy for Akamai. “With Malware Protection, Akamai is helping customers easily mitigate the risks resulting from files downloaded through web applications directly at the edge. This addresses a growing concern among Akamai customers and provides additional assurance that their online assets are protected.

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