Amazon job posting hints company web services gearing up to embrace crypto


The IT services management company of large online retailer Amazon may consider driving the adoption of the digital asset space by its customers.

According to a job posting published on Saturday, the New York office of Amazon Web Services is hiring a financial services specialist who “understands the global ecosystem of cryptocurrencies and digital assets”, with experience in blockchain technology and the distributed ledger. The company said the position will work with regulators, financial institutions and capital market operators to explore how they could benefit from the adoption of digital assets.

The potential employee would encourage people in leadership positions at the world’s leading financial institutions to ‘transform the way they deal with digital assets’, including cryptocurrencies, central bank digital currencies, stablecoins, security-backed tokens, asset-backed tokens and non-fungible tokens. In addition, they must have at least seven years of experience in developing financial services businesses “with exposure to distributed ledger or blockchain technologies”.

Amazon has previously posted jobs that require experience in digital assets. In February, the online retailer said it was looking for a software development manager in Mexico to help launch “a new payments product” aimed at allowing residents to purchase cryptocurrencies in cash so that they can can spend digital currency when shopping on Amazon.

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An Amazon spokesperson denied that the company would support cryptocurrency payments, including Bitcoin (BTC) on its platform in a July report. However, they said the retailer was “focused on exploring” the possibility of adopting digital assets.


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