Amazon Web Services: 27.3 million people in India need digital training immediately : Amazon Web Services

More than 27 million people in India need to acquire digital skills, especially in cloud-related technologies, to unlock a $1 trillion digital economy potential by 2025 and enable the country to compete globally. worldwide, a senior Amazon Web Services official said Wednesday. .

While sharing cloud skills program updates aimed at reducing the talent gap in India, Phil Davis, Amazon Web Services (AWS) General Manager Commercial Sales for Asia Pacific and Japan, Phil Davis, said AWS has trained over 2 million people in India and continues to bridge the cloud. skills shortage in the country.

He said digital skills training can unlock $1 trillion digital economy by 2025 in India.

“This has an opportunity, not only to have a financial impact for the country, but also to enable more people to participate in the digital economy as well. We see a need of 27.3 million people here in India who need digital skills training immediately.

“We believe that three of the top five digital skills in 2025 will be cloud-related. Cloud is not just a business issue. I believe it is also an opportunity to continue to help India compete in the world stage,” Davis said.

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Speaking of digital training programs, Davis said they not only have business significance, but also have a direct impact on people’s lives and livelihoods.

“Ultimately, I think it impacts India’s ability to continue to grow, prosper and compete on the global stage,” Davis said.

Amit Mehta, Business Development Manager for Education and Training at Amazon Internet Services Private Limited (AISPL), said the wave of digital transformation is a unique opportunity where India can be a global talent pool and drive a $1 trillion saving for India as well as the world.

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