Amazon Web Services and the Trade Desk Ink Unified ID 2 partnership

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is rolling out its latest tool to navigate the transition to a cookie-free future.

AWS’ vast array of user data was already appealing to advertisers, but its adoption of Unified ID 2 (UID2) in its product suite means advertisers can improve on some of the worst changes.

The tool is a proposed solution to the problem of cookieless targeting

UID2 is designed to allow advertisers to reach audiences in a way that does not violate privacy laws. Created by The Trade Desk, it is an open, non-proprietary standard available to a range of players in the advertising ecosystem.

Amazon’s adoption of the tool should allow these advertisers to circumvent problems with removing third-party cookies and device identifiers.

Ian Johnson, COO of Acxiom, Kinesso and Matterkind (all martech companies owned by IPG), said, “We are delighted with the ‘UID2 on the AWS solution to further improve data security and privacy through the use of AWS Nitro Enclaves, and to reduce the heavy work of our development teams to launch UID2 in our AWS Cloud environment.

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“Furthermore, because UID2 connects first-party audiences directly to publishers, this solution will help improve efficiency, match rates, and ultimately better customer experiences.”

The system is designed to allow advertisers anonymous access to sensitive user data, which is securely stored by a UID2 operator. By storing user data and only allowing access via an ephemeral, changing token, it effectively allows advertisers to target one-time executions, eliminating the potential harm from persistent access to bulk user data.

The agreement also allows consumer consent agreements to be integrated into AWS Marketplaces. The solution is powered by Nitro Enclaves, which protects and securely handles highly sensitive data.

The press release stated: “With the diminishing reliance on third-party cookies in real-time advertising, UID2 has emerged as a solution that improves the way consumers are identified online and delivered personalized ads seamlessly and reliably. “.

It’s one of the many ways the industry is looking to deliver targeted advertising in a cookie-free environment. First-party data has returned to primacy in the transition to a more anonymized and privacy-focused advertising ecosystem; the challenge for marketers is to rebuild targeting capabilities in a new way.

UID2 is The Trade Desk solution — and with the scale of AWS at its disposal, it’s a potential precursor to one of the standard solutions to the problem.

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