Amazon Web Services Just Reminded The World It Is Running The Cloud Computing Space

The software development industry is changing rapidly. Over the past five to ten years, there has been an increase in demand for more powerful and robust programming languages, technologies, and software development tools. More and more companies have started to adopt technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing, like the PaaS model, which has increased competition in the software development space. This increased competition has pushed companies to implement new business models and undertake new projects to attract and retain customers and gain a competitive advantage. Amazon Web Services is one example, recently showing industry newcomers that the affiliate dominates the cloud computing space by announcing plans for a new AWS Cloud Region.

Amazon Web Services takes a giant leap

On September 22, Amazon Web Services, an Amazon subsidiary that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs, announced that it will invest approximately $ 5 billion in a new Asia-Pacific cloud region in Auckland. , New Zealand. Amazon’s global cloud infrastructure is one of the most reliable and secure cloud platforms, providing consumers with over 200 comprehensive services from data centers around the world. The new region will open in 2024 and there will be three Availability Zones, which will be connected via low latency networks.

According to reports, the new cloud region will offer lower latency across New Zealand and allow customers to run workloads and securely store data in the local cloud region. The Asia-Pacific region joins the existing 81 Availability Zones in more than 20 AWS geographic regions around the world, and the company has unveiled plans for eight more AWS Regions in India, Australia, Spain and Switzerland. As a result, these plans reiterate how influential Amazon Web Services is in the cloud computing industry, which has generated over 300 billion dollars in turnover in 2020.

The perfect location

Amazon Web Services choosing New Zealand for the new cloud region also marks another essential part of the company’s long-standing relationship with the island nation. Over the past decade, New Zealand has emerged as a tech hotspot, with industries like online gambling flourishing. Between 2011 and 2018,

Gambling spending at casinos in New Zealand has increased, reaching NZ $ 578 million in 2018. Recent figures do not suggest that this growth will run out of steam anytime soon, in part because New Zealand casinos are using different technologies to improve the customer’s online experience. For example, people who play on casinos with real money want to withdraw their winnings quickly. Knowing this, many platforms, such as Spin Casino, have integrated the necessary software to ensure that players can withdraw their winnings within minutes. Today, New Zealand’s vibrant tech industry has flourished; if everything goes according to Amazon’s plan, the country will be recognized as much for cloud computing as it is for online gambling. According to the subsidiary, the New Zealand cloud region will create around 1,000 FTE jobs. This is also the company’s latest setup in New Zealand, as it already has two Amazon CloudFront edge locations in Auckland.

When industries are increasingly competitive, companies must demonstrate what sets them apart from their competitors. Amazon Web Services did this by launching another cloud region in a country that has gained worldwide attention for its commitment to user experience.

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