Apple adds AR/VR headset support for web apps in latest iOS 15.4 beta update

Apple’s long-awaited AR/VR headsets are finally set to launch this year. Although there have been millions of rumors about the headset online, this time Apple itself dropped a hint about the launch of the AR/VR headset. The first beta version of iOS 15.4 was recently released for developers and public beta users. Along with the new features, the update says Apple is working to enable push notifications for web apps on iOS and the WebXR API for AR/VR headset support. Also Read – Apple Watch Series 8 Will Bring Major Updates to Activity Tracking

As reported by Maximiliano Firtman, the iOS 15.4 beta comes with the WebXR API for AR/VR headset support which is not yet available. The feature has been disabled by default as of now. However, this clearly indicates that Apple is planning to launch its AR/VR headset for its users soon. Also Read – Tim Cook emails employees urging them to donate to Ukraine relief efforts

Additionally, push notifications for web apps have also been introduced for iPhones with this beta update. The update also comes with “Embedded Web Notifications” and “Push API” toggles. Prior to this, Safari on macOS supported alerts from web apps when they were in the background, however, iOS never had this feature. Although this feature is visible in the latest beta update, it is currently disabled, reported 9TB5Mac. Also Read – Apple Event 2022: iPhone SE 3 launch date expected to be announced today

The update introduced several other features, including universal custom icons that no longer require developers to add specific codes for web app icons. For the uninitiated, since Web App Manifest on iOS did not support icon declaration, developers had to add codes for web app icons. Apple is expected to introduce the new Universal Custom Icons in the next update.

Notably, this is only a beta update, there are chances that the company may or may not modify or remove a few features and modifications before rolling out the stable version for iPhones. However, it gives developers a rough idea of ​​what Apple plans to introduce in its upcoming updates.

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