BMW will be the first automaker to use Amazon Web Services

The German automaker is about to sign an agreement to use Amazon Web Service (AWS) software. Electric cars equipped with BMW’s “Neue Klasse” will be the first to receive the new data processing service.

This dependency will process data from millions of connected cars.

More and more customers are looking for vehicles with software that matches their needs and expectations. From navigation to advanced driver assistance functions, manufacturers are trying to integrate it into their cars and are looking for partnerships with companies capable of handling this amount of data. These, in turn, are used to develop new products and improve technologies.

BMW will be the first automaker to use AWS. As announced by the two companies, the electric With Neue Klasse it will be the first to have this data processing service, which will collect information on millions of cars.

BMW's "Neue Klasse" platform

Currently, as it has been revealed, BMW It has around 20 million vehicles on the road. However, the AWS software will be integrated into the BMW "Neue Klasse" platform. According to Nikolai Kramer, vice president of vehicle delivery platforms at BMW Group, it will process "nearly three times the volume of vehicle data compared to the current generation of BMW models".

Only BMW Group internal experts - vehicle application developers, fleet managers, data specialists, artificial intelligence, business intelligence and development engineers - can access the data through a self-service mechanism that collects the data vehicle and easily add new data sources, configure access based on governance policies, and monitor source quality and health.

Explain the two companies that are now cooperating.

Amazon unites more automakers with BMW

As we have already seen, the BMW It will be the first automaker to use AWS. However, Amazon revealed it was approaching other automakers to join its program, selling the service as an easy way to collect vehicle data, manage large fleets and improve the maintenance and repair process. .

Additionally, Amazon's platform also allows manufacturers to deliver "advanced vehicle features and more personalized driving experiences at a lower cost."

According to some companies, the AWS cloud is more secure than other competing software vendors because it is immune to cyberattacks.

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