SUNY Canton Achieves High Ratings in Online Directories and Ranking Services | Education

CANTON – SUNY Canton is a smart choice for adult learners according to Abbound’s 2021 Directory of Top Adult Credentials.

College admissions professionals are increasingly recruiting non-traditional students and those who attended college but never graduated. As of fall 2020, 31% of students seeking a degree at SUNY Canton were 24 years of age or older. About 70% of this population study online during a traditional semester.

“Our strength in online programs and flexible learning options are the main factors non-traditional students choose SUNY Canton,” said Melissa J. Evans, Executive Director of Enrollment. “We are also able to accompany people throughout the university application process, whether they have been away for a few months or 10 years.”

Abound selected the college for its accessibility, affordability, acceleration and advancement. The mention of the unranked repertoire has been added to a multitude of other lists denoting the continuing excellence of the college.

The most common programs were offered by the college’s new Center for Criminal Justice, Intelligence and Cyber ​​Security (CJIC). Criminal Justice Degree Hub has ranked SUNY Canton as the third best criminal justice program in New York City. The website is an independent resource dedicated to providing useful and accurate information to those interested in the field., a website aimed at making education accessible, has published rankings for several SUNY Canton programs, including:

The Bachelor of Homeland Security Technology was the first choice in a list of 11 similar degrees. said it is the perfect program for criminal justice students looking for a bachelor’s degree or for those who have already completed their associate degree. Students can choose between online or face-to-face courses and receive investigation and intelligence training through CJIC.

The Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies got ninth place out of a list of 21. The program provides students with internship opportunities in law firms. Students can also earn a law degree in six years through its three plus three agreement with the University of Buffalo School of Law.

The college was also on a list of the best bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice, earning a 47th place. Students can opt for one of the many four-year programs in the field, including the popular Bachelor of Technology in Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement Leadership and Bachelor of Technology in Criminal Investigation programs. CJIC professors have also recently created a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Criminology., a website designed to help students on their pre-university journey by ranking colleges and programs across the country using publicly available aggregate data, ranked three of the college’s online programs:

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance was ranked 14 out of 45.

The Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management was ranked 43 out of 60.

The Bachelor of Homeland Security Technology was ranked 47 out of 63.

The website published rankings for these three programs and one other in a previous announcement.

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New online directories support Burien businesses

information from the City of Burien

The Town of Burien and Discover Burien announce the launch of two new resources to support local restaurants and retail businesses. The City of Burien has launched Burien Eat Streets, a hyperlocal and comprehensive online restaurant directory that makes it easy to support local Burien restaurants. Discover Burien is also announcing the launch of its virtual shopping directory linking independent Burien retail stores that offer online shopping. The Town of Burien and Discover Burien are working together to help Burien businesses adapt to changing economic and public health realities to ensure the safety of their employees and customers.

The Burien Eat Streets directory offers the ability to find a restaurant based on cuisine type, location, and currently available services including: curbside pickup, delivery, and contactless pickup options. Direct links to the restaurant’s website, social media, online ordering platform and phone number are also available.

“Restaurants and eating establishments have been severely affected by public health orders restricting indoor dining; the ‘Burien Eat Streets’ tool aims to help mitigate impacts by directing local consumers to information on the best ways to find and support local restaurants through take-out and delivery options, ”said Chris Craig, City’s Director of Economic Development.

The Burien Eat Streets The directory will be continually updated to reflect changes in business service options and to provide information on the reopening of temporarily closed restaurants. Burien Eat Streets will endeavor to provide daily updates to ensure that the information is up to date and up to date.

Businesses who find that their restaurant list needs to be added or changed can contact the city’s economic development team directly at [email protected]

New Discover Burien virtual shopping resource

Continuing “Burien Strong’s” effort to support local businesses, Discover Burien encourages everyone to shop local, shop small, and shop often during the holiday season. While online sales increased dramatically during the pandemic, the majority of these purchases were made through “big box” retailers.

Discover Burien has launched an online retail shopping directory for Burien small businesses to facilitate online shopping with a single purchase link. The goal is to help keep these storefronts active during the pandemic and support a successful holiday shopping season. Visit to access information on how to support local businesses through online shopping.

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Online directories appear in a bid to boost small business sales amid COVID-19

TORONTO – When Ali Haberstroh brought home a full-length sheepskin coat that she recently found at a vintage store, the Toronto woman couldn’t help but talk about it.

TORONTO – When Ali Haberstroh brought home a full-length sheepskin coat that she recently found at a vintage store, the Toronto woman couldn’t help but talk about it.

“This is the most fabulous item I have ever bought for myself and if it had been anywhere else it would have cost a billion dollars,” she said of buying $ 38 made at Expo Vintage.

Haberstroh wanted to help his friends discover great products and also support small businesses. In her spare time, she created a shareable Google Docs list of independent and local businesses on

Within hours, it spread like wildfire on social media, inspired friends to create versions in Halifax, Calgary and Vancouver, and prompted local tech genius Baker Baha to offer his help with them. turn all of them into a suitable website.

Haberstroh had a lot of company. Directories, Google Docs lists and social media accounts full of links to small businesses in need of help sprang up in most major cities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although they are meant as a small gesture to help in a difficult time, some believe they can have a big impact.

“I’ve seen a lot of people say, ‘I just bought three items from two stores’ on the list,’ Haberstroh said.

“There is now a push to do everything for small businesses and it seems more than ever the responsibility of the city to keep them alive… given what they have been through this year.”

A poll conducted in August by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business found that 82 percent of Canadians fear their favorite local businesses are closing.

This possibility is very real. The CFIB has estimated that 225,000 businesses across the country could shut down permanently due to COVID-19. Even those who survive could pay off their debts for years to come, the organization warned.

Christie Pinese isn’t quite sure how her Rose City Goods store got on Haberstroh’s list, but she’s grateful because she’s noticed that people shop mostly in their neighborhood or where they can get to without transportation. in common or long drive.

An appearance on a list can expand that radius or help someone nearby find it.

“The more people know about the store, the better,” she said.

She has spent much of the pandemic relying on online sales, but worries about how independent retailers can compete with big box stores that have been allowed to stay open in and near Toronto. Peel region while small vendors who do not stock essentials must close.

“If we don’t support small businesses, when this is all over, we’re just going to be left with Walmart and Costco and I don’t think anyone wants that,” Pinese said.

Amy Robinson has similar concerns.

She created the BC Small Business Support Group and the LoCo Directory about 10 years ago and it is now seeing renewed interest amid COVID-19.

Robinson is seeing more and more people deciding to buy entirely local produce on this holiday or to seek independent store recommendations from friends online.

According to an Ipsos poll commissioned by Google this summer, 66 percent of Canadian consumers will buy more from local small businesses during the holiday season.

“It’s interesting because our message has always been that you have to shop with local businesses, so they survive, and now I feel like people really get it,” Robinson said.

This change was sparked by people seeing a physical manifestation of how our lives and the economy change as they walk along their main street and notice store after store closing, said Joanne McNeish. , professor of marking at Ryerson University.

As people dissociated businesses from warm and fuzzy feelings, the essential work they do has made us more nostalgic and emotional when we think about their demise, she said.

“It’s almost like losing a good friend who you always thought was going to be there, until all of a sudden they weren’t.”

The pandemic has also made the additional challenges some groups face more glaring and difficult to ignore.

Small business owners, for example, had neither the money nor the resources to quickly deploy the marketing campaigns, fancy websites, or delivery offers that big box stores were offering when COVID-19 hit.

Entrepreneurs who are women, Indigenous, racialized, or disabled have faced even more challenges due to chronic underfunding, less mentoring, and more responsibility for raising children.

“People with disabilities often have to get creative or create employment opportunities for themselves because they haven’t necessarily had the same opportunities as the general public,” said Mayaan Ziv, the Toronto-based creator of a Google Doc Sharing Small International Managed Businesses. by people with disabilities.

“People don’t think about this part of the population often enough.”

While people are now eager to use lists and help small businesses like the ones Ziv highlighted, it’s hard to predict whether the trend will survive COVID, McNeish said.

While some may revert to frequenting big box stores if they are the cheapest or most convenient option, McNeish said if people develop small business habits now “then maybe those habits will stick. “.

“But we won’t find out for two years.”

This report by The Canadian Press was first published in December. 8, 2020.

Tara Deschamps, The Canadian Press

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Online directories to support Latino-owned businesses while on vacation

After the Thanksgiving shopping vacation, the next two weeks are the best opportunity to support local small businesses. Hispanic leaders and organizations supporting Latino-owned businesses are urging consumers to support Hispanic businesses to boost the economy.

“The purchasing power and influence of consumers in our community should not be underestimated at a contribution of $ 2.3 trillion to GDP. Think of local businesses and small businesses when shopping and shopping. supplier decisions, “said Ramiro A. Cavazos, president and CEO of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.” Every dollar spent in a Latino-owned business helps them create jobs and support families, supporting other businesses and providing valuable services in cities across the country, ”said María Samaniego, Senior Program Director The Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Program. Latino-owned businesses are contributing to the American economy and that we support them so that we can collectively build back stronger. “

Business directories appear to help consumers find Hispanic-owned stores and businesses.

Here are some of them:


Business Directory

Support Latino Business (SLB), a non-profit organization, recently hosted its second annual National Latino Support Day on September 14. SLB announced the launch of the SLB Impact Fund to provide grants to small Latino / x businesses across the country. To be eligible, businesses had to be majority Latino / x owned and in business for at least one year and register to be part of the FREE Latino Support Business Directory at Cavazos and Samaniego made their statements in a press release promoting Latino Business Day. SLB is supported by a diverse group of partners, including The Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Program, Small Business Majority, US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Amplify Latinx, MXDC, We Are All Human, Momento Latino, Latino Business Action Network and Friends of l ‘American Latino Museum, among others.


It is a site “dedicated to the Hispanic market both online and traditional”. It was created by Danay Escanaverino, CEO of LunaSol Media. In addition to the business directory, the site offers several resources, including a LinkedIn networking group, a Facebook group, and an events calendar.


This site promotes itself as the “leading beauty, fashion and lifestyle e-commerce designed by and designed for Latinas”. The brainchild of two Los Angeles-based Latinas, Brittany Chavez and Raquel Garcia, launched their website before Black Friday in 2016. It features over 200 brands.


Resource Center for Hispanic Businesses

Hello Alice, a free multi-channel platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses get started and grow, is developing an online Hispanic marketplace that is slated to launch soon, according to the Hispanic Business Resource Center. Hello Alice, founded by Carolyn Rodz and Elizabeth Gore, has also partnered with Miami singer Pitbull (M. Worldwide) and the Global Entrepreneurship Network to provide Hispanic businesses with cash grants of up to $ 10,000 to help them. get through the pandemic. A report from the National Bureau of Economic Research said that 32% of Latinx small business owners disappeared between February and April 2020. “I know being an entrepreneur is tough,” Pitbull says in this online promotion. “This program directly benefits Latino entrepreneurs by helping them keep their businesses open and their employees paid.

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This Week in Tech: Online Directories to Find Black, Indigenous, Colored Architects, and Women Architects

The design community collaborated to create BIPOC Studios, a living Google Doc spreadsheet listing architecture, engineering, and planning firms founded and owned by Black, Indigenous, and Color professionals. Launched on June 5, the list aims to “make it easier to find a job at these studios,” according to an Instagram post from Food New York founder Dong Ping-Wong, who co-signed the post with Off founder. -White Virgil Abloh. , Agency — Agency founder Tei Carpenter, artist Hassan Rahim, architectural designer Naïla Opiangah, Leong Leong co-founder Dominic Leong, architect Aimee Chang, Morpholio community director Joey Swerdlin, l artist and architectural historian Esther Choi, the co-founder of Clocks Mahfuz Sultan, and architect Oana Stănescu. The spreadsheet currently lists over 125 studios worldwide and includes contact details, market and recruiting status for each studio. [BIPOC Studios]

Courtesy of RebelArchitette

RebelArchitette, based in Bergamo, Italy, launched an interactive world map of women architects to provide “both a source of inspiration for young professionals and a repertoire accessible to anyone interested in a more accurate portrayal of the work of architects. women in architecture (such as journalists, professional bodies, event planners, academics, jury planners, etc.). The Women Architects World Map currently lists 732 leading companies and studios, double its initial list of 365 designers that the organization first published in its eBook. Architette = Women Architects: here we are, which debuted at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale. The site’s homepage notes: “Yes, we started with gender disparities, but we’re definitely going further.” [RebelArchitette]

The American Institute of Architects has released a set of strategies and 3D models created to help employers and businesses reopen more safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. The mitigation strategies were developed by a team of architects, public health experts, engineers and facility managers as part of the ‘Reopening America: Strategies for Safer Buildings’ initiative. ‘AIA, “according to the AIA press release. [ARCHITECT]

Courtesy of Ars Electronica
“Design by Decay, Decay by Design”, by Andrea Ling

The European Commission has named two winners for its STARTS 2020 Prize, which, according to its website, recognizes “innovative projects at the intersection of science, technology and the arts that have what it takes to have a significant impact on economic and social innovation “. Canadian architect, installation artist and DesignGuild co-founder Andrea Ling was recognized for “Design by Decay, Decay by Design,” a collection of artifacts that feature “designed decomposition”. Its “feedstock system included biocomposites of chitin, cellulose, and pectin, derived from shrimp exoskeletons, waste tree pulp and fruit skins,” noted Ling, a former research assistant and designer of the Mediated Matter Group of MIT Media Lab, in its project statement. Russian artist Olga Kisseleva also won the prize for her project “Bio-art: when a tree became a partner”. Each winner will receive € 20,000 (approximately $ 23,000). [Ars Electronica]

“The heartbreaking crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic brings a rare opportunity for the architecture, planning and construction community,” writes Edward Mazria, Founder and CEO of Architecture 2030, FAIA, in his most recent chronicle for ARCHITECT. [ARCHITECT].

Researchers at Cornell University and Ryerson University in Toronto have developed new “smart parking software” that takes into account walking distance, cruising time, parking lot occupancy and time. waiting for drivers, in addition to giving priority to those who are willing to pay more for a place. . Existing parking applications that rely on sensors can become ineffective because parking spaces can be taken up quickly, making “an unencumbered route very congested,” say the study’s authors. [Cornell University]

WeWork co-founder Miguel McKelvey will be leaving his coworking startup at the end of June. McKelvey, who served as the company’s chief culture officer and was one of the few original executives remaining, publicly announced his departure on social media, calling it “one of the toughest decisions of my life. life”. [ARCHITECT]

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign were inspired by the iridescence of opals and the color-changing abilities of chameleons to alter the 3D printing process and expand the material palette. In their article “Tunable Structural Color of Bottlebrush Block Copolymers Using Direct Write 3D Printing From Solution,” the researchers explain how they meticulously imprinted photonic crystals, a nanostructure that affects the movement of photons, which reflects different colors depending on the speed at which they were printed. “In this work, we take advantage of the main advantage of 3D printing – the high level of hardware / software integration – to precisely direct the assembly of materials during the off-balance printing process and to generate patterned PCs with tunable domain size and color, ”the researchers write. [Science Advances]

Courtesy of CannonDesign

The number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise globally, but CannonDesign hopes to help flatten the curve with the launch of its COVID Shield, a modular testing facility that allows individuals to be screened without having physical contact. directly with health personnel. administer the tests. [ARCHITECT]

BMW i Ventures, the tech-driven automaker’s venture capital fund, has announced an investment in Prometheus Fuels, an energy start-up in Santa Cruz, Calif. That is developing net zero gasoline generated by removing carbon dioxide. carbon from the air. Founded by Rob McGinnis, the company hopes to replace “all fuels made from oil and gas with net zero carbon fuels”, thereby reducing global carbon emissions by about 25%. “By creating carbon neutral gasoline from CO2 captured in the air, Prometheus Fuels can massively and immediately reduce the climate impact of today’s internal combustion engines, ”said Greg Smithies, partner of BMW i Ventures, in a statement. [BMW i Ventures]

Jim. W. Sealy, FAIA, an architect known for shaping inclusive national building codes and standards that made buildings more accessible, has died aged 82. [ARCHITECT]

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New online directories help plastic film and foam recycling in Canada

In an effort to raise awareness of the various film and foam recycling options, the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CAPI) has partnered with American organizations to document and track the various collection options in North America. – and to report the results in two new directories. .

The two new directories – for films and bags, and for foam – were created to provide Canadians with searchable and easy-to-use databases. “Once the user enters their zip code, the websites generate a list of nearby collection locations by name and address,” the CPIA said. “There is also a feature that allows retail establishments and depots to add their organization’s name and location to the list as a depot. “

Specific materials targeted for collection are plastic bags and films, such as grocery and retail bags, dry cleaning bags, bread and produce bags, and overwrapping such as plastic. transparent around paper napkins and drink cases, as well as styrofoam packaging used for food. and foodservice applications and protective packaging. All materials collected for recycling must be clean, dry and empty. Common items that need to be removed are bag receipts, tags, and foam tape.

“In Canada, more than 60 percent of the population has access to municipal recycling facilities for bags and films, and 35 percent has access to recycling programs for foam,” the CPIA said. “With the addition of retail and private depot collection points, these access rates will continue to increase. “

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5 Lesser Known Online Directories Where Your Website Should Be Listed

Opinions expressed by Contractor the contributors are theirs.

“I want my website listed on DMOZ. Can your business help you? “

Creative Pen | Getty Images

This is a question my digital consulting agency receives several times a week from business owners, web designers, online entrepreneurs, and even other SEO professionals – everyone wants to be listed on DMOZ.

What is DMOZ? From their website:

DMOZ is the largest and most comprehensive human-edited directory on the web. It is built and maintained by a passionate global community of volunteer editors. It was historically known as the Open Directory Project (ODP).

“DMOZ was founded in the spirit of the Open Source movement, and is the only major directory that is 100% free. There is no, and never will be, a fee for submitting a site to the directory, and / or to use directory data, the data of which is made available free of charge to anyone who agrees to comply with our free user license.

Is this a good list to get? Yes. Will it immediately improve your website’s ranking in search results? No. Directories can be a source of referral traffic and links can provide an SEO advantage just like any other quality link. So in addition to DMOZ, here are five other online directories to check out. “

1. GoGuides

GoGuides offers a simple submission service, costing $ 69.95 for a lifetime listing, which is processed within 24 hours. Simply find the most relevant directory category for your website and click on the “Add URL” option.

“Directories are always a great way to gain visibility on the Internet by both sending quality traffic to listings and helping search engines discover new content,” said Robert Barger, president of GoGuides.

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2. Skaffé

The Skaffe submission process is straightforward. You will need to locate the best category that describes the product or service you are submitting, click on the “Suggest a URL” tab and follow the submission guidelines. Editors look for original content, adherence to submission guidelines, and overall quality when evaluating submissions. Express reviews cost $ 44.99 and the free quote option is open during business hours and usually processed within 30 days.

Bruce Stone, Editor-in-Chief of Skaffe adds, “Directories provide targeted local traffic and additional search engine listings.

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3. Aviva Directory

Aviva Directory is a general web directory that organizes websites by subject and, where applicable, by region. Submitting your website is very straightforward: just navigate to the most relevant category, then click “Add Website” and provide the requested information.

Whenever a new site is submitted to the directory, an editor will visit the site to ensure that it is appropriate for the directory and for the category to which it was submitted. All listings in the directory are reviewed annually to ensure they continue to meet quality guidelines. When submitting, you can choose between an annual registration ($ 49.95) or a permanent registration ($ 149.95).

“Having your website listed in a number of reputable directories establishes your site as a quality, credible and trustworthy site,” says Jeffrey Behrendt, founder of Aviva Directory.

4. Ezilon

“Ezilon accepts ads from quality websites from all parts of the world. All submissions are reviewed by editors and, if deemed appropriate, your website will be listed in the directory, ”says Charles Michaels, Director of Operations at Ezilon.

Consisting of multiple regions, you need to select your location first and then navigate to the category that best suits your website. Once you have located the appropriate subcategory, click on the “Submit Site” option and complete the information. Ezilon offers an annual list for $ 69 and a permanent list for $ 199. Non-commercial websites – government, NGOs, associations, nonprofits, educational institutes, and charities – are free to register.

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5. The best of the web

The Best of the Web submission process is really very simple. You can click the “Submit Site” button at the top of every page, fill in your website details (URL, title, description, etc.) and their editors handle the rest. This directory reviews each submission for quality content, then places the site in the most relevant category. They have several pricing options available and also have bulk quote offers for agency and corporate clients.

“The best web directory links have been and continue to be an indicator of quality. Our human review process assures users that the website is a valuable resource on a particular topic, ”said Greg Hartnett, president of Best of the Web.

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Top 10 Online Directories To List Your Business

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What is this thing that worries every business start-up in the initial phase of their e-commerce? – Obtain enough lead conversions. While for this you need to plan the perfect strategy to promote your online store successfully on various online media channels, don’t forget to register your business name in online directories. Why? Since this is one of the easiest and fastest ways to appear on the search engine on a daily basis every time someone performs a relevant keyword search that matches the service you provide. Plus, if you’ve just opened an online store, it’s natural for customers not to even know that you are there with a particular service that they might need.

Image courtesy:

Yes, there are alternative branding strategies like Pay Per Click Ads, but an online directory is your first step in placing your business in the online world.

Online Business Directories – How Does It Help Promote A Brand?

> Online business directories with local information appear regularly on the search engine results page.

> They are often the last place customers decide to act.

> Give websites a chance to be easily found on the search engine, even without following any SEO tactics.

Top 10 Business Listing Platforms To Register Your Site

# 1 – Google

Google is one of the most common and obvious places to list your business name. With Google Business For Places, viewers can easily search Google Maps, Google+, Google Search, and other devices. You can quickly finish registering your business and get started by following Google My Business Help for manual guidance.

Create your Google Business List

# 2 – Yahoo

This is another popular search engine after Google, where many commercial sites can register their names for free. However, you can also subscribe to the paid plan service in order to benefit from additional services such as adding more photos, automatic listing in other directories or a detailed business listing.

Create your Yahoo Local Business Listing

# 3 – Vintelli

Boost your website presence online by signing up to a business directory with targeted list management and optimized search engine placement. Unlike other business SEO sites, Vintelli allows businesses to provide viewers with authentic and valuable information that could help them make an appropriate decision.

Register your business with Vintelli

# 4 – Yelp

Yelp helps you reach more customers online with the help of great user-generated business information and customer reviews. By registering your business name on Yelp, you can add business photos, respond to customer reviews, and respond to customer needs quickly. What else! You can create separate offers for repeat customers and monitor traffic flow to understand customer behavior.

Claim your business on Yelp

# 5 – LinkedIn

If you’re running a business that needs to target professionals and other B2B relationships, don’t forget to join LinkedIn. This social platform provides a great source of useful business knowledge and insights. You can even view all recent discussions or group information and keep track of business updates.

Create your Company page on LinkedIn

# 6 – Yellow Pages

It is the digital version of the traditional business directory that prevailed in the pre-Internet age. Get your business listed in the Yellow Pages online directory and promote your brand to reach targets who regularly refer to this service.

To create your List of Yellow Pages companies

# 7 – White Pages

This is another business directory similar to the service provided by Pages Jaunes. You can also register your business here and provide information such as company name, department, and contact details.

To create your List of White Pages Companies

# 8 – Foursquare

Foursquare is an online business directory that allows businesses to earn badges for every number of repeat visits. Apart from this, you can also provide information like the location of the company, photos, product reviews, and other useful details.

Claim your Business at Foursquare

# 9 – Bing

It’s always good to stay listed on other search engine platforms because you never know what some customers prefer to use. With Bing Places for Business, you can register your site here which will appear on the search engine for viewers to take a look at.

To create your List of Bing companies

# 10 – YouTube

YouTube is a great platform to sign up and build your own brand personality. You can create compelling videos that will help increase your chances of reaching more customers on search engines and social media platforms. Short videos have the power to engage more target audiences compared to wordy content.

Register your business on Youtube

Registration in the business directory

Registration in the business directory

The list of names above has been carefully selected to provide you with some of the best business listing services. It is important for an online business to gain maximum exposure on the Internet. Listing your business in an online directory not only helps you gain visibility, it also helps you get to know yourself better.

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