Cee integrates web applications for certificate verification | News from Thiruvananthapuram

THIRUANANTHAPURAM: The Entrance Examination Commissioner’s Office has integrated its web applications with the ‘DigiLocker‘ Facility for quick verification of certificates of eligibility shared by applicants seeking admission to vocational courses in the state.
The concession/priority claimed by the students was failing in the final physical examination of them in some cases, as there was no mechanism to check the validity of the certificates in real time when the candidates upload them online. The integration of the centrally operated DigiLocker facility would help prevent errors related to the validity of most certificates shared by students when participating in the admissions process.
“Under the new mechanism, certificates filed by union and state government institutions would be directly accessible within the Commissioner’s web applications. Since it would be integrated with the verification system, verifying the veracity of certificates would be more accurate and less cumbersome,” the entrance commissioner said on Thursday.
Kerala e-District, Kerala Higher Secondary Council, CBSE, and various state universities are currently depositing their certificates in DigiLocker. The police station successfully completed the integration work on Wednesday. Online applications are available at https://cee.kerala.gov.in

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