Chinese General Hospital Selects Amazon Web Services for Digital Infrastructure Upgrade

China General Hospital and Medical Center (CGH) recently chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) to modernize and digitize its healthcare data infrastructure and operations.

Jamie Francis Dy, vice president of information and communications technology and chief data privacy officer at the medical institution, told reporters during a recent webinar that choosing AWS in its digital transformation gave the 144-year-old hospital “new capacity and experience to speed things up.” where we want to go.

“It also increased our momentum to clean up our data system, allowing us to reconcile it with government policies,” Dy added. Dy said AWS has also enabled the institution to create a healthy ecosystem with various applications spanning security, data management and cloud-based applications. He added that acquiring cloud-based AWS capabilities for its mission-critical applications was key to developing a holistic view of the health situation.

“When we launched our email and web hosting server, we were able to reduce patient discharge from five to 10 hours to 10 minutes,” Dy pointed out.

He stressed the importance of having AWS especially during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. By having AWS at the heart of its digital infrastructure, Dy said the hospital has achieved significant benefits such as reduced patient discharge time.

Dy said staff at the medical center had increased their productivity by 60% with the introduction of digital medicine and applications. Moreover, it has also introduced an app exclusively for Covid-19 patients to ensure smooth processing of their treatment.

“CGH also launched telecommunications services in rapid response to the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

Prior to joining AWS, Dy said CGH faced many challenges from the previous vendor as it failed to implement the computerization program in six months. When AWS took over, the IT system was up and running within a week.

“Before AWS came along, CGH was spending a lot on servers and hardware, but to no avail,” Dy pointed out.

“Technology has an invisible role in CGH. AWS makes it easy for us right now. Doctors can now perform CT scans using mobile phone technology, and they can now use technology to transfer patients to hospitals. Thanks to AWS, CGH can now offer services such as image archiving and communication, a laboratory information system, a document management system and SAP/HANA enterprise resource planning applications.

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