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Micro-server IC Marlet: Overview

Micro-server integrated circuits are characterized by their excellent power consumption and compactness, which meet the requirements of integrated circuits in miniaturized electronics. The technology finds use in a range of commercial applications, such as personal computers and high-end servers. Thus, the micro-server integrated circuit market has grown due to the increasing demand and adoption of these in large-scale computing devices and high-end personal computers. Micro-server integrated circuits are gaining ground in web hosting applications. Constant system upgrades in data centers have resulted in increased demand for these integrated circuits.

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The increase in investments by companies in storing their data in clouds has spurred use cases for technologies such as micro-server integrated circuits. Firms in the micro-server integrated circuit market want to meet the demands of analytics and cloud computing, advanced computing applications, shaping growth trajectories.

The business intelligence study on the Micro-Server Integrated Circuits market presents insights into the key growth drivers and restraints, current and emerging investment avenues, application trends, and technological factors influencing the demand in various regions. The study offers in-depth market segmentation and assesses opportunities in key segments during the forecast period 2020-2030.

Micro-server IC Market: key trends

The micro-server integrated circuit market has made remarkable progress due to the continuous advancements in cloud infrastructure across the globe. The increased demand for cloud service providers has spurred investment in improving data center infrastructure. The proliferation of connected devices in businesses and among consumers in developed and developing countries has resulted in steady advancements in the architecture of large-scale data centers. The demand for advanced servers is a key driver of needs in the emerging economies of the world.

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These economies are experiencing an increase in demand for cloud computing services by companies in various industries. It has also opened up new opportunities for vendors and manufacturers in the microserver integrated circuit market. The use of micro-server integrated circuits has improved the performance of CAPEX and OPEX in data centers. Plant managers therefore prefer the use of micro-server integrated circuits to enterprise-class rack servers.

Micro-server IC Market: competitive dynamics and key developments

The exponential increase in the number of Internet users has stimulated the demand for advanced integrated circuits among telecommunications companies. A growing number of players are targeting demand from companies that have invested substantial funds in cloud infrastructure and vendor cloud services. Major players see a vast source of revenue in increased spending on infrastructure for 5G commercialization in some countries. They expect stable income potential in some of the Asia-Pacific economies.

Some of the major players in the microserver integrated circuits market are:

  • Quanta Computer Inc.
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP
  • Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
  • Intel company
  • NVIDIA Corporation.

Micro-server IC Market: Regional assessment

Regionally, Asia-Pacific experiences substantial income streams. The increase in the use of cloud computing technologies and connected devices in various industrialized countries in the region has cemented the growth potential of the regional market in recent years. In recent years, increased public and private spending on improving network infrastructure, especially 5G, has boosted the growth prospects of the global microserver integrated circuits market. In addition, advancements in the use of IoT in smart life technologies are expected to fuel the use cases of micro-server IC technologies.

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