Edge Canary makes it easier to install web apps on all your devices

Image credit: Leopardeva64-2 (Reddit)

Microsoft Edge Canary is where you discover new features almost daily. As Reddit user Leoparda64-2 noticed, the company recently added a new feature to the Canary channel, and it has one goal: to make it easier for you to install web apps on all your devices.

If you use Edge Canary on multiple PCs and use the same Microsoft account on all your devices, you can switch between devices without having to reinstall all your important websites as web apps. Any websites you have installed as web apps will now appear on the Apps page of all your other devices. Once you switch to another device running the same version of Edge, it’s very easy to install these web apps with just one click.

Microsoft Edge web apps
Image credit: Leopardeva64-2 (Reddit)

As you can see in the screenshot above, previously installed websites are now grayed out, ready to install on another computer. You can click the “Install” button that appears on the right side of each available application, and you will recover all the web applications that you originally installed on another computer. You can find the list of available apps on the Apps page under the “Your available apps” section.

As mentioned, the feature is only available for Edge Canary users. However, as this is a “controlled rollout”, the feature is not available to all Canary channel users.

If you are one of the lucky users who can test the feature right now, let us know your experience in the comments section!

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