Everyone’s favorite Microsoft Teams feature is finally here in web apps

You will soon be able to change Microsoft teams After the company announces a welcome update for the web app, make the background whatever you want.

User Video conference The service may blur the background or replace it completely with an image provided by a video conference or phone.

From the entry Microsoft 365 roadmapThis feature is currently under development and will be available to Teams users on the web by September 2021.

The company was started before Fashion set The team allowed multiple users to share the same virtual space (including cafes, meeting rooms, and classrooms) during a video call, but did not provide individual users with the option to a background image for the call. ..


Not only does this help make Video Hangouts more enjoyable and show a bit of personality and personalization, but you can also use custom backgrounds or video backgrounds to hide your surroundings to protect your privacy.

It’s unclear whether Microsoft will provide users with default image options that they can use as a background, or if there are restrictions on the types of images they can use.

However, the roadmap entry stated that “blurring or replacing the background does not prevent sensitive information from being shown to others in calls or meetings.”

According to the news, Microsoft Teams has finally caught up with some of its big rivals in video calling. Many have provided blurry virtual backgrounds for a while.

Zoom Is one of the first companies to bring this feature to users around the world with filters and virtual backgrounds to help alleviate the plight of video quizzes and catch-ups during a pandemic.

Google meet Shortly thereafter, background images were introduced to the platform in October 2020 and video options were introduced shortly thereafter.

In addition to the new background information, Microsoft also revealed that users of Teams meetings on the web will be available soon. Share audio while screen sharing.. Scheduled for release in October 2021, this feature can be of great help in boosting online conferences, presentations and even music concerts and tuition fees.

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Everyone’s favorite Microsoft Teams feature is finally here in web apps

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