Expert describes the benefits of local business directories

There’s more to it than meets the eye when it comes to the benefits of building a local business listing. An expert explains what other benefits small business owners can expect when they take this important step.

Many local business owners understand the importance of listing their business directly on a local business, but according to an expert, they can understand all the benefits that come with it.

“I talk to local business owners all the time and they seem to see local business listings as something they should do, but aren’t excited about what it could do for their business,” said a spokesperson for, an online local business directory that opens opportunities for free advertising or small local businesses. “But once I explain all the benefits they get from listings, their attitude towards them changes completely.”

He says that SEO rankings and business visibility are two of the biggest benefits small businesses can get from building a local business listing. “Most business owners understand that people search local business directories to find local businesses, especially when they’re driving and on the go,” he says, “but the benefits go way beyond that. of the.” For example, he says SEO rankings can be difficult for small business owners because they’re competing against big companies with big budgets. But when a local listing is created, that business will automatically integrate with local business directory marketing and SEO efforts. “It’s a way to use directory marketing expertise without spending a penny,” he says.

He also talks about the visibility of the company, which is essential to attract new customers. “If a business can’t be found on the Internet, it will struggle to attract new business,” he explains, “and a local directory is one of the best ways to get that exposure. After all, that’s where consumers look when trying to find local businesses. »

“The best part?” he asks. “Creating a local business listing is absolutely free. Business owners can spend ten minutes creating their company profile and open the door to new customers almost instantly. is a local business directory that uses GEO location technology to make every visitor’s experience unique. It strives to be the best free business directory available by constantly advertising, improving the site and working with small business owners to provide free advertising.

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