Google launches Advanced Web Apps Fund to support web apps

Google announced yesterday the launch of the Advanced Web Application Backgrounds, an initiative to support projects that make the web more powerful. As the web has become more advanced over time, allowing developers to bring high performance applications to the web, the time has come to support those who have done the work to make this happen.

The Google Chrome team knows that they are only partly responsible for this success. Therefore, they want to help recognize the importance of this work and enable more people to dedicate time to projects that improve the web as a platform for advanced applications. This includes web application developers and those they rely on to build a robust ecosystem of APIs, tools, demo applications, and other support.

To be eligible, those wishing to apply must be working on a project to “enhance the web as a platform for advanced applications”. Although Google doesn’t quite have a defined definition for this, they explain that it could be as simple as a website with a web application interface and significant client-side functionality. Below are examples or ideas provided as projects that may qualify:

• New features (eg replacement of WebSQL using WebAssembly).

• Libraries and tools that make building advanced web applications easier, such as Bubblewrap enhancements and drivers supporting WebUSB.

• Demo apps and tutorials showcasing unique or powerful use cases for advanced web apps.

You can apply for your own project or nominate a project you deem worthybut keep in mind that the project owner must be willing to make the necessary changes to the code in order to qualify for sponsorship. An Open Collective account is also required to apply, which can be done by creating a short document describing the proposal. Existing projects can also be submitted by filing a GitHub issue in the project and then submitting this form.

There is no deadline for submitting projects, as Google states that they will evaluate proposals on a rolling basis. However, those wishing to apply should do so as soon as possible in order to secure funding. There is no indication in the announcement that the funds are limited, but why take the risk? Chrome Unboxed wishes good luck and success to all participants.

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