Google moves away from legacy Chrome apps to Progressive Web Apps with calculator

Google has been constantly updating its user interface for a number of different features over the past few years. From big operating systems like UI/UX to certain apps, Google is no stranger to changing some interfaces like with its more recent calculator.

Google is moving away from legacy Chrome apps

According to the XDA Developers story, Google is slowly moving away from older Chrome apps. Indeed, platform-independent Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) should effectively and attractively replace them.

The Calculator app on Chrome OS is an example of a legacy app. However, starting with the most recent Chrome OS 97 update, the app has been turned into a PWA which can be used anytime on the users browser.

Progressive Calculator Web App

The new progressive web app would be hosted on, according to a 9to5Google article. It contains a web manifest file, as well as offline icon and caching. This allows users of Chromium-based browsers to easily install it on their devices.

It should be noted that the app also works great with any particular web browser and works quite identically to the old calculator. The calculator offers basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The app also offers other more complicated functions, including logarithms, square roots, and exponents.

Calculator designed to match the design of older materials

Even though the Calculator app can now be used on any device with a web browser, it is still clearly intended for use on the computer. In fact, resizing the window to smaller sizes or even switching to portrait orientation would cause some controls to be hidden.

The calculator remains stylized to match the old hardware design. This comes with a corner erase effect that appears when users click on the Erase button. Google still needs to update it to match the latest Material You design language.

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Chrome OS Calculation Tools

Since the app is just a calculator, it might not really be necessary to match Material You’s design language perfectly. In addition to this, there are also a number of other math and calculator tools already available on Chrome OS if the calculator cannot do what users need to accomplish.

This would come after a number of other changes and improvements to Chrome OS over the past few months.

These changes and improvements include Shelf Share functionality, which is currently in development, and improved integration with Android phones. Camera improvements and more voices for Select-to-speak are also included as part of the Chrome OS tweaks and improvements.

The platform would also face a bit more competition since longtime competitor Microsoft also pushed its Windows 11 SE into K-12 classrooms, where Chromebooks have dominated for much of the 10s. last years.

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