How to Automatically Run Chrome Web Apps When You Log In to Your Windows, Mac, or Linux Desktop

Chrome for Windows, Mac, and Linux now allows users to automatically run web apps on login from Chrome 91. This is great for quickly accessing Gmail, Google Chat, and other similar services that are used permanently and as soon as users start their Machines.

That being said, a manual gesture from the user is still required to initially set up autorun apps in Chrome. Google detailed this in its blog post yesterday. If you want to configure your Chrome apps this way, stick around and I’ll show you how!


First, open your Chrome browser and visit chrome://apps in the browser’s Omnibox or search bar. Next, locate the web application icon that you want to run automatically when you log into your desktop. Right-click on it and select the “Start application when you log in” option from the context menu. Restart your device and see the magic happen. That’s it! If you want to turn it off again so apps don’t launch themselves, just go back to chrome://apps and uncheck the exact same option.

visit chrome://apps and right click on an icon!

As traditional packaged apps are being ditched in favor of web-based experiences, launching them instantly and without having to manually click on them every time you wake up in the morning means they’ll deliver the same productive workflow experience as local, configured software. to run at startup.


This feature was first added a while ago, but only for Google Chat, so it’s nice to see the feature expanding to all Chrome apps. While I probably don’t personally use it thanks to the full restore feature already inadvertently handling this (I leave my basic PWAs open all the time), it does feel a bit redundant. However, for those who don’t force Chrome to pick up where it left off after a crash or restart, autorun apps feel like a clean slate every session, except for a few core apps that intentionally appear on your screen.

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