How to become a server operator in Minecraft

Becoming an Operator (OP) on a given Minecraft server or domain allows for extended capacity over normal players which is meant to help the server administrator.

Regardless of their stated purpose, operator privileges can be used for a variety of reasons and can alter many aspects of how a Minecraft server works.

Minecraft: Give yourself or other players operator status on a server / domain

Minecraft Realms has its own method of creating player operators that don't require a command (Image via Mojang).
Minecraft Realms has its own method of creating player operators that don’t require a command (Image via Mojang).

Making a player an operator on a Minecraft server doesn’t take a lot of time, although the process might be slightly different depending on the service the server is hosted on. The process also depends on its hosting via the Java executable for creating a Minecraft server.

Below are methods of making a player an operator, including some of the more popular web hosting tactics:

Become an OP on Apex Hosting

  1. Go to the server panel and click on the console tab.
  2. In the command line provided on the tab, type “op (Username)” without quotes, where the username is the desired player.
  3. This can also be done in Minecraft by an OP or an administrator by typing “/ op “without quotes in their chat console.

Become an OP on Shockbyte

  1. Log into the Multicraft control panel and head to the server console.
  2. In the console chat entry, type “op “without the quotes.
  3. Press Enter or press the Submit button on the console window.
  4. Like the Apex hosting option, this can also be done in-game by logging into the Minecraft server as an OP or administrator and typing “/ op “for the necessary player.

Become an OP with ops.json or ops.txt

  1. Players who have created a Minecraft server will have access to an ops.json and ops.txt file which allows them to designate operators.
  2. In ops.txt, simply open the file with a text editor and enter the usernames of the players to be given the OP status, one per line, then restart the server to confirm the changes.
  3. In ops.json there should be fields requiring UUIDs as well as a player name and level. UUIDs can be searched on a myriad of sites in the Minecraft community, the player’s name belongs to the username like the previous steps, and the level decides the ranking of the player’s operator. These ranks vary from level 1 to 4, with level 4 providing the most control.

Become an OP in Minecraft Realms

  1. Log into Minecraft Realms from the main menu, select the button that says either “configure” or “configure realms” with the desired realm highlighted.
  2. On the next screen, tap the players button.
  3. This will bring up a list of players allowed to play on the realm. To the far right of their name lists is an icon. Click on the player’s name or icon, then select the operator button.
  4. There shouldn’t be a reset required, but players may want to log out and return to the realm just to be sure their new status is confirmed.

Players can use these methods to gain operator privileges, since all the prerequisites have been met.

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