How to Change Directory in Command Prompt in Windows 11/10 2022 [Updated]

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Check how to change directory in command prompt in Windows 11/10

The command prompt, often known as cmd.exe, is a Windows operating system command line interpreter that has been used since the DOS days of Microsoft operating systems. Available as an alternative to the Windows GUI, the Command Prompt offers much more flexibility and functionality for the common Windows user than the standard GUI. However, before you can do anything with the Command Prompt, you must first understand how to modify the folders within it. We have discussed some of the easiest ways to update your Command Prompt directory in Windows 10/11 in this article.

Change command prompt directory with cd command

The cd command, short for Change Directory, allows you to move from one directory (folder) to another transparently.

Just type ‘cd’ at the command prompt and press Go in. From there, you’ll instantly be taken to the top of your command prompt directory. As you will see on the command prompt screen, you will be redirected to the Windows root directory “VS:” conduct.

To access a particular directory, simply enter CD followed by the directory name. For example, we went to downloads directory located in the root directory of our Windows 10 here.

For multi-word directories you may need to enclose the name in quotes, e.g. cd “onenote notebook” – a tip here, you can start typing a directory name then press the button tongue and Windows will fill in the name for you. If you have multiple directories with similar names (e.g. Files 1, Files 2, Files 3, etc.), hold down the key. tongue and Windows will cycle through the possible matches.

Alternatively, instead of going directly to the root directory, you can also go back to the previous folder by adding .. after CD ordered. So go to your command prompt, type CD..and hit Go in, as we did in our Windows 11.

Change drive at command prompt

If, on the contrary, you want to change directories entirely, you will have to type the name of the drive, followed by :. So if you are in the “VS:” are driving at the moment and would like to move into your “D:” drive, just write “D:” at the command prompt and press the button Go in.

Another thing to note is that the Command Prompt is not case sensitive, which means it treats upper and lower case letters the same. So it doesn’t matter if you type “D:” or “d:”: the command prompt will interpret them as the same.

Another command that deserves special mention is the phone book ordered. Write it down phone book at the command prompt and you will see a list of files and folders in the main directory.

Now if you want to access a specific directory from here, just use the CD command above, along with the directory name, as we did earlier.

Change directory in CMD by dragging folder

You can also use the GUI with the command prompt here. Write CD at the command prompt, drag the folder you want to move into Terminal and press Go in.

The command prompt will switch directly to the desired folder.

Final Notes: How to Change Directories in Command Prompt in Windows 11/10

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