How to register for Free Fire Advance Server (OB34) and download APK in May 2022

Free Fire Advance servers get a lot of attention as they offer players the opportunity to preview upcoming game features. It is basically a test server that only selected people with an activation code have access to.

As the release date of the OB34 game approached, the community started searching for information regarding its Advance server. The developers have already disclosed the exact schedule and opened the registration process, through which users can get the activation code.

Note: The game is banned in India and users in the country should not download or install it on their devices.

Details on how to register and download Free Fire Advance Server (OB34)

Steps to register

As Free Fire Advance server registrations for OB34 version are open, players can follow the guide provided below to register:

Step 1: Users must first open any web browser and head to the Advance Server website. They can use the link provided below for the same purpose:

Advance Server website: Click here.

Any of these two methods can be used (Image via Garena)
Any of these two methods can be used (Image via Garena)

2nd step: After reaching the respective webpage, players can log in using one of two options: Facebook and Google.

The form will ask users to enter all these details (Image via Garena)
The form will ask users to enter all these details (Image via Garena)

Step 3: A form will then appear on their screen, where they will have to enter this information:

1) Name

2) Email address

3) Phone number

Step 4: Finally, individuals can submit the form to complete the registrations.

They can then wait for Garena’s response to the activation code. Once received, they will be able to enjoy the Free Fire Advance server after it starts on May 12.

How to download

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The Free Fire Advance Server download procedure has not started yet, but it will probably start on May 12, when the server is up and running. Once it has started, here are the general steps to get the APK file:

Step 1: Log in using the same account used during the registration process.

2nd step: Players will then be able to find the “Download APK” button, using which they can acquire the APK file from the Advance server.

They will need to ensure sufficient storage space on their devices for the download and installation.

Step 3: Finally, once the download is complete, they can install it and enter the activation code to access the server.

It should be noted that the Free Fire Advance server is a separate client and players will not have to remove the standard version.

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