HPA Engineering Award Winners: Amazon Web Services, ARRI, LG Electronics, Mo-Sys Engineering

The Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) Awards Committee has announced the winners of the 2022 HPA Award for Excellence in Engineering. The awards will be presented at this year’s HPA Awards gala on Nov. 17 at the Hollywood Legion in Hollywood, Calif.

The HPA Awards recognize creative artistry and innovation in the professional media content industry. The Excellence in Engineering Award recognizes outstanding technical and creative ingenuity in media, content production, finishing, distribution and archiving.

HPA Awards Engineering Committee Chairman Joachim Zell said, “The pace of innovation in our industry continues unchecked! This year we received more submissions for Engineering Excellence than ever before. It is gratifying to see this record number of submissions, driven by a deep understanding of the true needs and wants of our industry, laying the groundwork for future progress even as it propels us forward in the moment. Congratulations to the winners and our deep respect for all participants, who have contributed to the continued evolution of our industry.

The winners of the 2022 HPA Award for Excellence in Engineering are:

  • Amazon Web Services: color in the cloud. By leveraging JPEG-XS, signals are compressed for appropriate transmission over AWS Direct Connect, AWS VPN, or the open Internet while maintaining lossless or uncompromised image quality, resulting in a viable and scalable solution for a high fidelity and visually lossless color from a cloud provider.
  • ARRI: REVEAL Color Science The ALEXA 35 REVEAL Color Science reveals improved dynamic range, color gamut, and superior rendition of skin tones and subtle colors. It separates appearances from display transforms, to support dual monitoring of HDR and SDR on set, enabling more efficient grading for multiple post-production deliverables.
  • LG Electronics: LG UltraFine Pro OLED Monitor The reference EP950 UltraFine OLED Pro HDR monitor meets critical color needs for content creation in small, cost-effective form factors (32-inch and 27-inch). The UHD RGB additive OLED panel delivers near 100% AdobeRGB and P3 coverage with up to 700 nits peak luminance at 25% APL (HDR mode) and 250 nits full-field white. 1D LUTs, 3D LUTs and 3×3 matrices built into the monitor allow for precise user calibration with Calman or LG software.
  • Mo-Sys Engineering: LED Key LED Key makes VP filming affordable by enabling wide shot capture on small LED walls. The virtual production LED wall-based shoot is great for medium and close shots, but wide shots required set builders to build floor and wall extensions or huge LED walls, adding to the cost and the time. The LED Dongle allows filming with much smaller walls or even projectors, allowing greater location flexibility for filmmakers.

Four technologies followed closely behind, earning an honorable mention: Carl Zeiss SBE, LLC (ZEISS CinCraft Mapper), Frame.io (Camera to Cloud), Glassbox Technologies (DragonFly virtual camera) and LucidLink (Filespaces).

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