In the age of online maps, who still needs street directories?


Although Mr. Tee admits that his job is exhausting, he really enjoys it. He was a serious runner and he is always dressed in cotton clothes and comfortable shoes, so the physical part doesn’t bother him.

“What makes me happy is that we dare to write that we are the most up-to-date street directory,” he said, adding that some online maps contain data that is more than three years old. “Everyone says oh, just use the GPS but the information is not up to date. “

Mighty Minds editor Singh said drivers should always choose street directories over online maps for safety reasons.

“People spend their time looking at their GPS device rather than focusing on the road,” he said, noting that delayed instructions could cause drivers to swerve or brake sharply and cause accidents. “I call these pilots GPS robots.”

Regardless, Singh said he would never stop producing street directories, noting that they are still used as course materials for taxi drivers and private hire in Singapore. “The numbers have gone down, but it will not become obsolete,” he said.


But keeping things relevant comes at a cost.

Labor, printing and rental costs have all gone up, Singh said, which means the latest edition of Mighty Minds’ street directory costs S $ 16.90, compared to the price. of its first S $ 4.90 edition. “It has to come from somewhere,” he added. “We have no choice but to pass it on to the consumer.”


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