Jumio advocates for SDK-based biometrics rather than APIs and web apps for online identity verification

The ability to leverage built-in smartphone features for better automatic document capture is a major advantage to performing biometric identity verification online through an SDK, according to a Jumio blog post. Eleven advantages of SDK-based mobile implementations over web integrations and mobile and desktop APIs are explored in the article.

Automatic data capture allows for more accurate extraction of data from the identity document, as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology can retrieve the biographical data included in the document. Jumio’s SDK also searches for the machine-readable zone (MRZ) of a double-sided passport or driver’s license barcode, and does not capture the image otherwise, allowing it to avoid processing incorrect documents. Liveness detection is not available in many APIs, according to the post, forcing customers to find a workaround to integrate the capability or accept increased risk of fraudulent attacks.

Jumio claims that its mobile SDK has resulted in a 20-30% reduction in dropouts compared to API implementations because the user journey is more intuitive and due to the advantage of document capture. According to the article, fraud attempts are 50% lower than web-based image capture methods, and mobile SDK transaction processing is 30% faster than web or API methods, due to more intuitive interface and better data capture with quality images. Jumio’s new NFC chip-reading capability can also speed up the process.

SDKs can also accommodate a wide range of end-user devices, and client organizations can customize the interface with their branding. Ease of implementation with documentation and support from account managers and solution engineers, as well as the one-click user experience to select country and document type are also advantages of its approach. based on the SDK, claims Jumio.

There are trade-offs associated with each implementation method, the article concludes, and understanding them and the impact they have on fraud, verification, and user speed is necessary to make an informed decision. on which to choose.

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