Kasm Technologies Releases KasmVNC v0.9.3 Open Source VNC Server Software

KasmVNC is the streaming technology for Workspaces container images. Although the term VNC is in the name, it is not intended to remain compliant with the RFB specification and has different purposes than other VNC projects:

  • web-based – Designed to provide a web-accessible remote desktop. It comes with an integrated web server and websocket server. Just launch and navigate to your desktop URL on the port you specify.
  • cyber security – The RFB (VNC) specification limits the password field to 8 characters. KasmVNC uses HTTPS with HTTP Basic Auth by default and disables the legacy VNC authentication method for enhanced security.
  • Simplicity – Easy to deploy and configure as it is web-native and agentless.

“We are proud of our open source version of KasmVNC, especially the improvements to performance, usability, DLP, and character/clipboard input”, said Matt McClaskeytechnical director of Kasm Technologies, “I’m even more excited for our next release, which will solidify KasmVNC as the modern, open-source leader in remote desktop server solutions.”

Additional features that are new in this release include:

  • GPU support in collaboration with VirtualGL.
  • arm support in collaboration with Bras.
  • Webp/JPEG image compression for better bandwidth and CPU utilization.
  • Full screen video detection for better reading performance.
  • Seamless Binary Clipboard support for text, images and formatted text (Chromium browsers).
  • Data Loss Prevention features – Keystroke logging, clipboard logging, maximum clipboard transfer size, minimum time between required clipboard operations, keyboard input rate limit.
  • Deb packages for Debian, Ubuntu and Kali Linux & rpm packages for CentOS, Oracle, OpenSUSE, Fedora.
  • relative cursor and support for cursor lock (game pointer mode).
  • IME support for extended character languages.
  • Mobile improved Support.

KasmVNC’s open-source VNC Server code is available directly on GITHUB.

This code is complemented by Kasm Workspaces open source images which are available directly through Kasm’s Docker Verified Publisher images on DockerHub in technical collaboration with Docker.

For more information on KasmVNC features/benefits see: https://www.kasmweb.com/kasmvnc.html

To try Workspaces on our personal SaaS, visit: https://www.kasmweb.com/kasm_cloud_personal.html

Kasm Workspaces is revolutionizing the way enterprises deliver digital workspaces using web-native open-source container streaming technology for modern devops delivery of remote workloads to the web browser. Kasm is a highly configurable platform, with a robust developer API that can be customized for any workload, at any scale. Workspaces are where the work is and can be deployed in the cloud (public or private), on-premises (including Air Gapped networks), or in a hybrid configuration.

SOURCEKasm Technologies

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