Know These Best Interactive Online Learning Web Apps For Students

New Delhi: Since the coronavirus lockdown has affected the normal academic life of students, online education has come to the rescue of students right now. It has become the new normal in their daily university life.Also Read – Edtech Platforms Form IEC Self-Regulatory Body After Facing Government Wrath

Most schools, colleges and universities across India and the world have shifted their base to virtual platforms to deliver online courses. Also Read – Most Indians Spent 522 Hours on Online Education in Pandemic Year: Report

In a bid to bridge the gap, online education has emerged as one of the alternatives to regular face-to-face classes. Also Read – Byju Founder Now Richer Than Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Anand Mahindra, Finds His Place on Hurun India 2021 Rich List

In wake of lockdown, various stakeholders are doing their best to help students cope with online education

Here is a list of smart apps that can help students during lockdown.

Google Classroom: Powerful yet easy to use, the Google Classroom web app helps students organize their daily academic activities. Moreover, this wonderful tool also allows teachers to organize online lessons, distribute course materials and track student progress from anywhere at any time.

Expand Education: One of the best cloud-based video conferencing tools, the Zoom web app helps you plan activities, teach tutorials, and communicate with students. This app also boosts student participation during online learning.

Photomath: Specially designed for mathematicians, Photomath is an award-winning online web application that examines effective methods of teaching mathematics and develops solutions to mathematical problems. With the help of this app, the teacher can make the students understand math concepts easily.

Thing link: Developed to help teachers create learning methods using engaging content, the ThingLink accelerates students’ curiosity to learn things and expand their knowledge.

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