Launching Telegram WebZ and WebK web apps: everything you need to know

The Telegram instant messaging app has launched two new web apps called Telegram WebZ and WebK. Web apps bring Telegram’s mobile functionality to desktop users in a sleeker interface packed with features like animated stickers, chat folders, and dark mode. Both web applications were first spotted by Droid Labyrinth.

While the WebZ and WebK apps offer identical functionality, Telegram claims that the two apps exist simultaneously to maintain internal competition. Besides desktops, web applications can run on any device with a browser, including smartphones and tablets.

How to use Telegram WebZ / WebK?

You can use either of the two web applications by going to Telegram’s website and searching for the Web Applications section on the “Applications” page. Here click on Telegram WebZ or WebK and users should be redirected to the site.

Once on the WebZ or WebK site, users can log into their accounts with their credentials or a QR code scan with their phones, the same way WhatsApp Web works.

Users can try both Telegram WebZ and WebK, both of which have a similar feature set. However, Telegram said both versions have “major features that are not yet supported or not fully implemented.” However, users can still contact the app and submit bug reports.

Telegram was one of the apps that received a huge surge in new users this year after a questionable new WhatsApp privacy policy confused many people and prompted them to download and use new messaging apps like Telegram and Signal.

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