Microsoft releases Azure Static Web Apps for general availability

Microsoft recently announced the general availability (GA) of Azure static web applications, a serverless web application hosting service for static web applications. The service provides developers with a package that works for static web applications, which Azure manages for them.

Last year at the Build conference, the company showcased static web apps in public preview, including integration with GitHub and features like authentication and authorization capabilities, routes, previewing in pre-production environments and custom domains. Later in September, support for Blazor WebAssembly and .NET functions was added by Microsoft. And now the service is GA and includes a free and standard plan for advanced features supported by an enterprise service level agreement (SLA).

Besides the new hosting plans, the GA version includes some other new features such as:

Additionally, because Azure Static Web Apps integrates with Azure Functions, developers can choose to extend their application with serverless API endpoints. In an azure blog post on the GA output, Daria grigoriu, Senior PM Manager, Azure Static Web Apps, said:

From this version you can even bring a existing Azure Functions project and use it as an API. This allows you to take advantage of the full set of triggers, bindings, and extensions offered by Azure Functions. Azure Functions dynamically evolves so that your application is always ready to meet market demand.


With a tailor-made VS code extension, developers can build static web applications and leverage libraries and frameworks such as Angular, React, Slender, View, Where jacket. What’s more, Rafael Rivera, senior software engineer at Telos Corporation, said in a Tweeter:

Don’t ignore Azure Static Web Apps. It’s like the GitHub pages on steroids. You upload your content to GitHub, and it will handle SSL, wire web APIs (az functions!), Serve static content, and even handle authentication (AAD, FB, G, TWIT, etc.) for you. Crazy!

Other static web application services similar to Azure Static Web Apps are Netifly, Vercel, and Cloudflare Pages. The latter became GA in April, while Netifly and Vercel have been available for some time. In a blog post by Office Development MVP Elio Struyf comparing Netifly, Vercel and Azure Static Web Apps, his conclusion was as follows:

Ultimately, all three services deliver the same things. It will be your choice to see the best suited for your site that you want to host. If I had to choose, I would consider these questions:

Do you want fast and easy hosting? Opt for Vercel.
Want additional features such as forms and identity management? Go for Netlify.
Already using Azure? Want full control over deployments? Choose Azure Static Web Apps.

Finally, the details of Azure Static Web Apps prices are available on the price page, including service availability – which is global. Developers can find more information in the quick starts, guides and tutorials.

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