Microsoft SQL Server on Ubuntu Pro now available through Azure


Canonical announced that customers can now use Microsoft SQL Server with Ubuntu Pro on Microsoft Azure. The solution uses Ubuntu Pro 20.04 LTS as its base and is capable of running SQL Server 2017 and SQL Server 2019. Canonical said that SQL Server Web, Standard and Enterprise editions are all supported and can run on both Ubuntu Pro 18.04 LTS and Ubuntu Pro 20.04. IT’S.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Alex Gallagher, VP of Cloud Alliances at Canonical, said:

“Our customers need the means to run enterprise-grade, very demanding and business-critical data workloads on Ubuntu. This need is fully met with Microsoft SQL Server on Ubuntu Pro and Azure. This solution is a logical extension of our continued collaboration with Microsoft.

In terms of security updates, users will benefit from 10 years of maintenance updates for Ubuntu and 10 years of extended security coverage for a range of open source programs. If you ever need help with the service, Canonical and Microsoft will offer technical support – good thing as both Microsoft and Canonical software are used and either company can provide more help. depending on your problem.

If you want to learn more about getting started with Ubuntu Pro on Azure, visit the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. For Ubuntu Pro 20.04 LTS, prices start at just $ 0.002 per hour, making it affordable for businesses.


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