New Xbox Edge browser launched that supports web services like Google Stadia – Games

Microsoft added the new Edge browser in the September update for the last two generations of Xbox consoles. This is the chrome-based variant. This includes the ability to use Google Stadia and, to some extent, Discord.

The browser was already available as a limited test, but is now available to all users. Show edge In a video demonstration of an overview of the browser Google Stadia is working on. The site uses the Xbox Series X for this demo, but in principle the same setup should work on the Xbox One as well, although performance may be lower there. Mouse and keyboard are also supported, but Geforce NOW will not work on Edge.

FROM update It also provides support for Discord to some extent. Users can access the web version of the app, log in and use text chat without a hitch. With voice channels, it’s partially short: you can walk into a channel and hear what others are saying, but a microphone is not detected, so you can’t say anything yourself. Additionally, the web application cannot run in the background.

Microsoft also adds a file you will play laterQueue at his consoles. Here, gamers can add Xbox Game Pass games that look interesting. If there is nothing in the queue, Microsoft will provide personalized suggestions.

Recently, the Xbox app for Windows also got a the support For Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Remote Play. This allows gamers to play Xbox games that are played in the cloud or on their Xbox console located elsewhere, respectively.

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