Online directories to support Latino-owned businesses while on vacation


After the Thanksgiving shopping vacation, the next two weeks are the best opportunity to support local small businesses. Hispanic leaders and organizations supporting Latino-owned businesses are urging consumers to support Hispanic businesses to boost the economy.

“The purchasing power and influence of consumers in our community should not be underestimated at a contribution of $ 2.3 trillion to GDP. Think of local businesses and small businesses when shopping and shopping. supplier decisions, “said Ramiro A. Cavazos, president and CEO of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.” Every dollar spent in a Latino-owned business helps them create jobs and support families, supporting other businesses and providing valuable services in cities across the country, ”said María Samaniego, Senior Program Director The Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Program. Latino-owned businesses are contributing to the American economy and that we support them so that we can collectively build back stronger. “

Business directories appear to help consumers find Hispanic-owned stores and businesses.

Here are some of them:


Business Directory

Support Latino Business (SLB), a non-profit organization, recently hosted its second annual National Latino Support Day on September 14. SLB announced the launch of the SLB Impact Fund to provide grants to small Latino / x businesses across the country. To be eligible, businesses had to be majority Latino / x owned and in business for at least one year and register to be part of the FREE Latino Support Business Directory at Cavazos and Samaniego made their statements in a press release promoting Latino Business Day. SLB is supported by a diverse group of partners, including The Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Program, Small Business Majority, US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Amplify Latinx, MXDC, We Are All Human, Momento Latino, Latino Business Action Network and Friends of l ‘American Latino Museum, among others.


Hispanic Business Directory & Events

It is a site “dedicated to the Hispanic market both online and traditional”. It was created by Danay Escanaverino, CEO of LunaSol Media. In addition to the business directory, the site offers several resources, including a LinkedIn networking group, a Facebook group, and an events calendar.


This site promotes itself as the “leading beauty, fashion and lifestyle e-commerce designed by and designed for Latinas”. The brainchild of two Los Angeles-based Latinas, Brittany Chavez and Raquel Garcia, launched their website before Black Friday in 2016. It features over 200 brands.


Resource Center for Hispanic Businesses

Hello Alice, a free multi-channel platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses get started and grow, is developing an online Hispanic marketplace that is slated to launch soon, according to the Hispanic Business Resource Center. Hello Alice, founded by Carolyn Rodz and Elizabeth Gore, has also partnered with Miami singer Pitbull (M. Worldwide) and the Global Entrepreneurship Network to provide Hispanic businesses with cash grants of up to $ 10,000 to help them. get through the pandemic. A report from the National Bureau of Economic Research said that 32% of Latinx small business owners disappeared between February and April 2020. “I know being an entrepreneur is tough,” Pitbull says in this online promotion. “This program directly benefits Latino entrepreneurs by helping them keep their businesses open and their employees paid.


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