Opswat: Only 8% of Organizations with Web Apps for Uploading Files Have Adequate Cybersecurity

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According to a new report from Opswat, only 8% of organizations with web applications for uploading files implement adequate cybersecurity protocols against malicious attacks. Yet almost all of them (99%) are concerned (to varying degrees) about cyber threats.

Organizations have rushed to digitally transform their businesses in response to market pressures and customer demands, leading to widespread adoption of cloud services and collaboration and sharing platforms. However, the security of their web applications supporting downloads and file transfers has lagged, further exacerbated by the pandemic.

In its 2021 Web Application Security Report, Opswat found that 87% of organizations are “extremely” or “very” concerned about file downloads as an attack vector for malware and cyberattacks, 82% signaling increased concern since last year.

Although there is an awareness of the need to secure file downloads, only 8% implement cybersecurity best practices. About 32% of companies do not scan all file downloads for malicious files, and an overwhelming majority do not clean file downloads with Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) to prevent unknown malware and zero-point attacks. day.

Opswat conducted web application security research that analyzed trends and gaps in cybersecurity measures on file downloads. As web applications improve productivity and user experience, file download portals are growing and introducing new attack surfaces. Additionally, many organizations are not effectively protected, despite growing concerns about malware attacks and third-party risks.

The 302 participants in the global survey were independent IT security professionals directly responsible for web applications accepting at least 500 file downloads per day for companies with at least 250 employees. Survey topics included overall IT security, current file download environments, and the security of external file downloads.

Read the full report by Opswat.

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