Paymerang Uses Amazon Web Services to Deliver World-Class Financial Automation Solutions


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RICHMOND, Virginia., December 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Paymerang uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enable mid-market businesses to expedite supplier payments and provide world-class customer service. To support the company’s rapid growth, Paymerang uses five AWS products for its operations and customer services.

Paymerang chose AWS because it simplifies and streamlines many time-consuming administrative processes while elevating existing database operations. Inexpensive and reputable products made the transition to AWS easier.

“As Paymerang continues to grow, the business needed a cloud offering that was reliable and flexible enough to keep up with its rapid growth. So she turned to AWS, ”said Dave Trotter, Director of Small Business Sales at Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Using the proven global infrastructure and database, analytics, contact center and security capabilities of AWS, Paymerang has the ability to expand and to develop its activities while accelerating innovation in its payment automation solutions. “

As part of the continued maturity and sophistication of the AP Automation space, Paymerang has made significant investments in migrating relational data storage to Amazonian Aurora. Amazon Aurora enables Paymerang to take advantage of enterprise-class database technology with multi-regional capabilities to read replicas and automate disaster recovery at a fraction of the cost of a proprietary database system.

“This collaboration demonstrates Paymerang’s commitment to being a cloud-based business. We’re excited to be working with industry-leading AWS to power the next generation of fintech solutions, ”said Nasser Chanda, CEO of Paymerang.

As the business grew, she realized the importance of using a top-notch contact center solution with flagship app integration. Amazon Login streamlined payment transactions by reducing the number of unique phone numbers while dramatically improving call quality. Since implementation, Paymerang has seamlessly integrated the rich data generated from Amazon Connect and Contact lenses directly into their corporate data lake. This creates advanced dashboards that quickly show supervisors the effectiveness of operational teams.

Paymerang relies on Amazon Cognito to integrate with their authentication and authorization systems to identify users in the system, authorize approved actions that these users can perform according to their role and integrate with precise access controls to the help from AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). Amazon Cognito gives Paymerang the peace of mind of knowing they have AWS army of security engineers on their side, allowing them to reallocate resources to building customer-centric functionality.

Paymerang generates rich data, and when exploring various analysis and reporting tools in the market, it was clear that the best tool at the lowest cost was Amazon QuickSight. The seamless integration between Amazon QuickSight and Paymerang resulted in immediate savings in time and money. Amazon QuickSight quickly became the leading reporting technology of choice, and Paymerang is already working to integrate Amazon QuickSight dashboard functionality into their products using Amazon QuickSight Q and built-in analytics.

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