PerimeterX winter release prioritizes human interaction on websites and web applications, making life harder for hackers but easier and better for consumers

New features make automated attacks increasingly difficult and costly, further disrupting the web attack lifecycle

SAN MATEO, Calif., Jan. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PerimeterX, the leading provider of solutions that detect and stop misuse of identity and account information on the web, today announced advanced enhancements to its platform with the 2022 Winter Release. The new release supports a positive digital experience for users by reducing the friction they encounter on apps that leverage the platform while making it difficult and costly for attackers using automated bots. This helps digital businesses build customer trust and loyalty, reduce operational costs associated with unproductive bot traffic, and maintain compliance with growing personal information and privacy regulations.

“The new features in our winter release are designed to extend the protection of user account and identity information throughout their digital journey. By providing layered defense solutions that disrupt the web attack lifecycle, we enable organizations to effectively protect the applications that power our daily lives,” said Omri Iluz, CEO and co-founder of PerimeterX.

Support a positive digital experience for consumers
PerimeterX Human Challenge, the first user-friendly verification that protects web and mobile applications by presenting a visual challenge to help easily differentiate humans from bots, is now the default user verification option in the PerimeterX Platform. Human Challenge has powerful anti-tampering mechanisms to detect and deter CAPTCHA solving bots and CAPTCHA farms. This change makes online user verification less difficult and more humane, helping businesses reduce abandonment rates and improve conversions. For digital businesses using Human Challenge, PerimeterX found resolution times were 4-6x faster than with reCAPTCHA and abandonment rates were 3-5x lower, a winning combination.

To further enhance human interaction, PerimeterX has also announced the availability of Hype Sale Challenge. Used in conjunction with the PerimeterX Hype Sales Protection — a specialized offer that supports the sophisticated management of bots PerimeterX Bot Defender and combines it with highly specialized rules to improve the way customers experience limited-time, limited-inventory sales – Hype Sale Challenge is another innovation to ensure that real people, not bots, get results. limited-edition products like sneakers, gaming consoles, trading cards and coins, fashion accessories, and tickets to sporting and entertainment events. Served in place of CAPTCHA challenges, the Hype Sale Challenge is a user-friendly way to weed out bot traffic and give human buyers and loyal customers a fair chance to get your products, while allowing a site to trade electronics to manage traffic peaks.

Disrupt attacker economy
Building on the recent announcement of PerimeterX ID Information, a solution that ends the viability of credential stuffing attacks and creates a strong deterrent for future attacks on the site, the winter release now features proof-of-work (PoW) capabilities powered by scenario. Similar to crypto mining, PoW requires computational effort on a site before allowing common tasks such as adding an item to a cart or verifying a credit card number to perform. Designed to consume a large amount of power and computational cycles when attackers attempt to perform a large-scale fraudulent task, proof-of-work makes execution costly for an attacker. Since it has a significant impact on the ROI of an attack, PoW creates a strong economic deterrent for future attacks on a site protected by PerimeterX.

Extensive support for hybrid web application development
In addition to these consumer-facing features, the winter release includes features that make it faster and easier for web application developers to work in their organization’s hybrid environment. These include:

  • New Edge Runners for Akamai and Fastly [email protected], plus new integration with Apigee API Management. This gives developers the freedom to choose their cloud infrastructure while providing the flexibility to include other leading web application components in their stack, reducing vendor lock-in and the need to remove and replace existing investments. .

  • Very granular support for GraphQL, one of the most popular API protocols. This includes more comprehensive protection and greater visibility into API requests, including analysis of the complete request, taking into account the specific operation and schema that enables operation-based policy enforcement .

  • Improvements to web and mobile SDKs to significantly reduce integration time by handling common but complex integrations “out of the box”. This includes web integration enhancements to automatically manage APIs in web applications without any code or application changes by your developers.

  • Improvements to the PerimeterX Mobile SDK, which now has the ability to identify most standard mobile libraries and connect to them directly in the mobile app. This allows developers to easily integrate PerimeterX into their solutions to handle blockages or challenges while minimizing the need to write custom code or modify their application.

  • The SDK Doctor, added to the Mobile SDK to simplify mobile integration and testing. It is a tool that simulates different user flows and actions in an app to help developers verify mobile SDK integration and easily test different conditions and actions without the need for additional code or software changes. the app.

To learn more about how your organization and your consumers and account holders can benefit from the winter release of PerimeterX, contact us for a personalized demo.

About PerimeterX
PerimeterX is the leading provider of solutions that detect and stop misuse of identity and account information on the web. Its cloud-native solutions detect risks to your web applications and proactively manage them, allowing you to focus on growth and innovation. The world’s largest and most trusted websites and mobile apps rely on PerimeterX to protect their consumers’ digital experience while disrupting the web attack lifecycle. PerimeterX is headquartered in San Mateo, California, and

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