Pick n Pay selects Amazon Web Services as cloud provider — Retail Technology Innovation Hub

“Leveraging the cloud to achieve greater operational efficiency and improve customer experience is a game-changing strategy for Pick n Pay and the retail industry in South Africa. The cloud will help us stay relevant and accessible in a high-volume, low-margin market that demands efficiency above all else,” says Chris Shortt, Chief Information and Technology Officer at Pick n Pay.

“In addition, the new cloud-based business intelligence platform allows us to make even more data-driven decisions that can help us deliver lower prices and more value to our customers.

“Forward-thinking companies like Pick n Pay are modernizing their systems by migrating to AWS,” commented Eamonn O’Neill, Chief Technology Officer at Lemongrass Consulting.

“Based on our work with our cloud cost calculator, we typically see potential cost savings of between 45% and 75% resulting from this strategy.”

“These are savings that can then fund initiatives, such as new offerings and tools that deliver superior retail experiences, and drive additional business value, such as business intelligence and automating.”

“We are seeing a fundamental shift in the way consumer goods companies manage their technology infrastructures,” adds Chris Erasmus, country manager for South Africa at Amazon Web Services.

“Pick n Pay is the first South African retailer to join the thousands of customers running SAP on AWS, using AWS’ reliable and scalable global infrastructure and proven SAP experience to deliver key insights, drive innovation and support the creation of new products and services. .”

“We look forward to working with Pick n Pay on its SAP and digital transformation strategies that will help accelerate the introduction of new cloud-based customer experiences, such as its mobile app, bespoke shopping and personalized offers that deepen the relationship with the consumer.

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