Pieces selected for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Health Equity Program

AWS support will help fuel new AI-enabled clinical handoffs

DALLAS, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Roomsan artificial intelligence healthcare company, today announced that it has been shortlisted for a new global program of Amazon Web Services (AWS) supporting organizations that develop solutions to advance health equity.

Through the program, AWS offers AWS Credits and personalized technical expertise to select organizations around the world who want to use AWS services to improve health outcomes and health equity in any of the following areas: 1) increase access to health services for underserved communities; 2) addressing the social determinants of health; and 3) leveraging data to promote more equitable and inclusive systems of care. AWS Support Will Advance Deployment of Pieces AI-Driven Solution clinical transfer tool in the UK to improve the quality of care and reduce disparities by increasing the standardization of communication between healthcare teams.

Clinical transfer is defined as an exchange of information between doctors concerning a patient when there is a transfer of responsibility for this patient. Communication gaps, sometimes in peer-to-peer transfer processes, are estimated to contribute to up to 80% of medical errors, according to the Mixed commission. Standardizing communication can reduce errors and biases that can unintentionally creep into clinical decision-making. With appropriate facility and patient consents, the Pieces clinical handoff tool works by reading a patient’s hospital record and then using natural language generation, automatically writing a standardized, editable summary of the condition. of the patient in simple clinical language.

“We are extremely excited to receive this support from AWS, which recognizes the valuable role that AI, and in particular natural language generation, can play in achieving equitable, high-quality healthcare,” said Ruben AmarasinghamMD, CEO of Parts, Inc.

AWS support will help Pieces refine and expand the reach of the platform in the UK and support the deployment of the clinical handover tool facilitated by Pieces AI in UK hospital trusts.

“AWS believes that individual health outcomes should not be dependent on socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, or neighborhood,” said Maggie Carter, Global Head, Social Impact at AWS. “Cloud technology can help address global health inequities that have been magnified by the pandemic. Through this program, we look forward to helping Pieces and other organizations around the world use AWS to advance health equity and improve health outcomes.

To learn more about the AWS program, visit https://aws.amazon.com/health/health-equity.

About Parts
Pieces, Inc. is an artificial intelligence and healthcare technology company that connects health systems and the community to address the clinical and social determinants of health through community networks and intelligent software and services. Our solution interprets patient information in real time and connects healthcare systems and community organizations to drive healthier outcomes, inside and outside hospital walls. Using cloud-based artificial intelligence with clinical natural language processing (NLP) and physician-supervised machine learning, our tools help streamline clinician workflows and improve patient outcomes. Combined, our solutions, Pieces Predict and Pieces Connect, create a single, comprehensive solution for connected community health.

To learn more, please visit www.piecestech.com.

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