Plex Media Server ignoring user’s subtitle language preferences

Plex Media Server is one of the most popular media streaming solutions available on the internet. Client-server media player is used by many to organize their library and watch their favorite content online.

The app was released in 2008 and is available on all popular platforms. Users can stream their personal media libraries as well as over 130 live TV channels.

It also offers a paid subscription service called Plex Pass which offers access to paid content from various providers like Tidal, Television Studios, Warner Bros, Lionsgate and many more.

Recently, some Plex users reported that they were having difficulty playing music on their first generation Amazon Echo devices, while others were experiencing video playback errors on Shield TV and Google Chromecast devices.

Now, many are reporting that the Plex Media server is ignoring their subtitle language preferences. Users say the problem appeared after the server was updated in May.


After the last server update, for me it broke the subtitle preferences as well. Before I always used my native language “Dutch” as preferred audio language and I set the option of subtitles to “only when using abroad” because of this I automatically had sub – English titles for English films and by default no subtitles selected for my Dutch films. After updating, when using these exact options. It turned off my subtitles for each movie. Hope it can work out, thank you!

Always nothing? This is a major problem. Having all the movies / TV shows in my language with English subtitles and not having them on media in a different language than mine is a FEATURE! ? IT’S RIDICULOUS.

While Plex does offer users the option to select their preferred subtitle language, the feature doesn’t seem to be working at this time. Users say the option worked as expected until Plex 1.23.

It’s really frustrating for those who have multiple libraries set in different languages, because Plex immediately ignores it. Users say they’ve tried reinstalling Plex, cleaning up the library, and resetting settings, but nothing seems to be working just yet.

It is still not clear why the Plex Media server acts this way and ignores language preferences. Here’s what a Plex employee had to say when a user asked them about the issue:

To be clear, this behaves as expected with current preferences. You tell Plex you want Italian and English subtitles, and it gives it to you (assuming English is your native language, since that’s the language you requested to see the subtitles in. securities). (Source)

We hope that Plex developers will fix the subtitle language preference issue as soon as possible, as it has been that way for almost six months now. If and when they do, we’ll update this article to reflect the same, so be sure to keep an eye out.

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