Progressive Web Applications (PWA) – A Quick Tour


The development of all mobile devices is advancing at an incredible rate. Each of them now has access to the Internet and therefore the possibility of downloading applications. This is especially why a new generation has emerged, namely PWAs (Progressive web application).

In this article, we’ll find out what a PWA is and why. Progressive web applications under development and where are they used?

What is a PWA (Progressive Web App)?

As already mentioned, these are scalable solutions that aim to maintain the greatest possible functionality regardless of the operating system of the device and the quality of the Internet connection.

The idea is to make these apps the best they can be, regardless of the device and location you log in from. When you access a PWA-enabled website, the content is saved in your device’s memory, which makes the app more efficient and allows you to access the website without an internet connection (offline mode).

Progressive web application

What are the main advantages of PWA applications?

After knowing what progressive web apps are, let’s take a look at the top gross benefits that they offer. So, one of the first advantages is that they work in offline mode. This means that the content of a website can be read successfully even if there is no internet connection.

So any plane or train trip can be much more enjoyable! In addition, the web applications work very well and are extremely easy to install. Thanks to dynamic database access, all operations are smooth and the user can take advantage of all hardware capabilities.

This means that progressive solutions can use geotagging or access to a camera or camcorder.

Why does building PWAs instead of native apps save time and money?

A native application is created for a particular platform. This means that one version of the app can only run on iOS or Android, and the program must be written in a dedicated language. Thus, in order for the project to be accessible to as many people as possible, the software must be written in several variants. It should be added that the application will only work if it is connected to the Internet.

Here, PWA type solutions have an advantage, because you only need one version compatible with each platform (aka Android PWA or PWA on iOS). In this way, you can save time and resources while creating the project.

In the case of progressive web app development, many users confuse progressive apps with native apps. Although they share some similarities, the functionality of progressive web apps is the same as native apps to a certain extent, such as responsiveness, location awareness, and push notifications, they are quite different. It should be noted that native models do not have, for example, the possibility of linking to other sites and a very fast installation. However, the main difference is that native apps only run on a dedicated platform and not on all systems.

How do I install a PWA app on my phone?

It is not a very complicated operation. All you need to do is visit a site with a progressive app on your device. If it’s installed on the site, you’ll be asked if you want to add it to the home screen. Just click “YES” and after a few seconds the app will be on your device’s desktop. As you can see, the whole operation is not very complicated and any owner of a mobile device can cope with it.


In conclusion, the introduction of Progressive web apps and solutions in the market launched a new fashion for their creation. This way, on more and more sites, you may receive a message asking you to add an app icon to the home screen. As you can see, the demand for this type of program is huge and users can enjoy a very functional product. There is a lot to see in the future of PWA.

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