Protocol handlers are now available for web apps in Microsoft Edge

by Alexandre Poloboc

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  • Edge users can be happy with Microsoft’s latest decision.
  • Starting from Edge build 96, the browser gets another new addition.
  • Web applications will now be able to use protocol handlers in the browser.
  • Thus, users can now use PWA to browse predefined or custom protocols.


Just in case you were wondering what was going on behind the curtain at Microsoft, the company just announced that web applications will now be able to use protocol handlers in Microsoft Edge, starting with Microsoft Edge 96.

This latest feature will allow installed web applications, also known as PWAs, to navigate predefined or custom protocols.

Additionally, web applications already installed will also be able to register with the operating system as protocol handlers and initiate themselves once a particular protocol is invoked.

Web apps in Edge can use protocol handlers

Yes, if your web application has the ability to register as a protocol handler, it will have better integration with the operating system and can be programmed to open specific protocols.

Also, it can be set as the default handler, which means if you are developing a web application that is an email client, you can offer users the option to make it the default application for generating new emails. -mails.

Note that you can produce custom schemas that your web application can handle by also registering protocols prefixed with web+.

As an example, the tech giant from Redmond uses the PWinter PWA, which is an installable web application that allows the user to create custom PWA logos by selecting 3 colors.

"protocol_handlers": [
        "protocol": "web+pwinter",
        "url": "index.html?colors=%s"

According to Microsoft documentation, to register your installed web application as a protocol handler, you must use the protocol handlers field in the manifest file.

However, if the protocol-handlers field is available in the manifest, then the web application will be registered as a protocol handler for the protocols defined in the collection, upon installation.

These protocol handlers offer support for Windows, Linux, and Mac, and Microsoft also said it contributed this work for the Chromium open-source project and that the feature is also available in other Chromium-based browsers.

Don’t forget that we’ll also be able to follow our favorite creators more easily in the Edge browser soon.

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