Riot Games partners with Amazon Web Services to improve the Esports experience

Riot Games has partnered with Amazon Web Services to transform the way Riot esports content is created and distributed in the cloud. Riot will be the first company to use AWS data analytics integration for its esports broadcasts. This will change the way fans experience Riot’s various esports events, which include League of Legends, Valorantand Legends: Savage Rift.

Some of the AWS features that Riot will use include:

  • First AWS esports stats

    • Riot and AWS will introduce “Stats powered by AWS” during esports broadcasts that appear before, during, and after Riot’s various global esports broadcasts to educate and inform fans about key data points that help drive a team to victory .

    • Fans have the opportunity to vote on which esports stats will be developed first.

    • These esports stats are set to debut during broadcasts of the Valorant Champions in September 2022 and the League of Legends World Championship this fall.

  • AWS Global Power Rankings

    • AWS analytics capabilities are going to be used for competitive gameplay by Riot to launch the “AWS Global Power Rankings”.

    • This should create near real-time rankings of the best professional teams around the world in League of Legends e-sports, Valorant championship tour, and Wild Rift Esports.

    • It will display on-screen leaderboards during gameplay.

  • Pick’em powered by AWS

In a statement, President of Esports at Riot Games, John Needham, said the company has always had a long-term goal of being able to bring joy to its fans around the world through esports. He added that they were excited to work with AWS to improve the esports experience. Needham also shared that solutions offered by AWS can improve esports broadcasts and engage esports fans.

Meanwhile, Matt Garman, senior vice president of global sales, marketing and services at AWS, revealed that his partnership with Riot will elevate the entire esports landscape. He said that while it’s a win-win situation for both companies, what’s more important is that it’s a win for the fans.

What do you think? Excited to see what this partnership can bring to the esports scene?

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