Saito & Elrond Network Partner to Power Web Apps & Games


The Elrond Network recently announced a partnership with Saito, the open network used to deliver web3 globally. The partnership will help developers use tokens acceptable on Elrond (like eGold) in web games and applications running on Saito’s P2P network.

With the collaboration, the two companies will make each other interoperable. This will lead Saito users and developers to use Elrond and eGold tokens as crypto in their games and web apps. Users can check out the games on Saito Arcade to get an idea of ​​which games the network will support in the future. After the announcement, developers and marketers quickly researched like Elrond Forecast to understand its implications.

What do companies think of the partnership?

The two platforms have issued official statements regarding the collaboration. Beniamin Mincu (CEO of the Elrond Network) said that any blockchain-based application operating at scale of the internet considers Elrond the ideal backend due to its high throughput. With Saito’s help in improving user performance and an attractive user interface, Elrond developers will enjoy P2P scalability for their upcoming games and web applications.

Richard Parris (co-founder of Saito) said networks complement each other strongly in terms of efficiency, scalability and speed. Additionally, Elrond has an active community and Saito sees the audience as a great incentive to use eGold and additional tokens in apps. The DeFi community has high hopes for integration. Considering the stature of the parties involved, it will provide estimated results.

Saito, the open network used to deliver Web3, recently partnered with Elrond. The integration will allow developers to use eGold and additional tokens to back up web games and applications running on the Saito network. Both companies have shared their joy about the development, and the community is welcoming it as well.

About Elrond

Elrond is an internet-wide blockchain network designed to provide estimated speed and throughput. Elrond achieves this by using a PoS mechanism and Adaptive State Sharding. Thus, it serves a fast, secure and efficient consensus ecosystem. Elrond is able to process 15,000 TPS with a latency of only 6 seconds and minimal cost. This makes the network the cornerstone of a decentralized Internet circuit, accessible worldwide and without borders.

About Saito

Saito is known as an open layer network that serves web3. It allows applications to operate without private APIs, closed infrastructure, and closed plugins. It operates without any owners and funds the nodes that provide user and routing infrastructure for Saito and other blockchains. The entire ecosystem is supported by its new blockchain approach called Saito Consensus.


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