Standard Bank leverages relationship with Amazon Web Services with launch of AWS Skills Guild

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Standard Bank and Amazon Web Services (AWS) deepened their strategic relationship with the launch of AWS Skills Guild in late 2021. The offering, part of Standard Bank’s Digital Cloud Academy, is a comprehensive cloud skills training program designed to help Standard Bank accelerate its cloud adoption journey and build cloud fluidity among its employees.

The AWS Skills Guild supports Standard Bank’s ongoing commitment to ensuring its employees are equipped with the skills necessary to thrive in a digital world, stay competitive and support Africa’s growth. The offering also underpins Standard Bank’s strategy to move 70% of its core applications to the public cloud by the end of 2025.

In pursuit of this goal, Standard Bank has set a target for 1,000 employees to complete basic training and achieve certification within six months of launch. Another target has been set to achieve 500 role-based certifications across Standard Bank within six to eight months of launch. To date, 515 practitioners, 102 associates, three professionals and five specialty certifications have been completed.

Increasing the cloud skills of its employees will have a significant impact on Standard Bank’s ability to innovate, deliver new value propositions and play a meaningful role in customer experience.

“To achieve our 2025 ambition to be a digital and customer-centric platform company, our employees are learning to think and act differently. With support from AWS, we empower our people with the technology skills to drive digital transformation through cloud adoption and ultimately deliver a seamless customer experience through our enterprise-ready platform business. the future,” said Jorg Fischer, Chief Technology and Operations Officer at Standard Bank. Group].

The expanded relationship between AWS and Standard Bank represents a key step in Standard Bank’s journey to developing its employees by making cloud learning a priority for targeted groups and individuals, improving technical skills within technology teams and promoting the fluidity of the cloud across the Standard Bank Group. .

“Adopting the cloud enables growth, scalability and innovation with increased agility, it also drives a culture shift that impacts departments in an organization. It creates a culture where employees can speak the common language of the cloud, which can lead to radical transformation Skilled employees will have the confidence to innovate faster, experiment more, translate customer needs into technical solutions, and drive digital transformation at scale in the Standard Group Bank,” said Maureen Lonergan, vice president, AWS Training and Certification.

Standard Bank is committed to developing and developing its people to their full potential, investing over R770 million for this purpose in 2021 alone. This significant investment in learning solutions has made a remarkable contribution to Standard Bank’s employee engagement indices, and highly favorable ratings (>85%) in terms of employee perceptions of growth and development opportunities, collected as part of Standard Bank’s annual employee engagement survey.

Standard Bank aspires to be a truly digital and human organization, serving its customers primarily online, transacting in the cloud and embracing open innovation and partnerships. While focusing on skills development, Standard Bank recognizes the importance of leveraging these strategic relationships which will enable continuous learning and enhance the ambitions of the Standard Bank platform.

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