Summer camp directories for autistic children

Children with autism tend to thrive with structure and may have difficulty if left on their own after the school year is over.The summer months can also be a good time for kids to work on some of the skills that may receive less attention during the school year, such as social skills, collaborative skills, fine and gross motor skills. , flexibility and autonomy – advocacy.

Even if your child qualifies for extended school year programs, these programs are limited in duration and unlikely to include recreational activities.Leisure may seem like just “fun and games,” but for many children with autism, fun and play are more difficult (and at least as important as) studies and school routines.

Fortunately, there are several summer and vacation camps that cater to children with autism. Some can be quite expensive, but there are cheaper options as well. You may also want to consider scholarship opportunities and programs in your local community that fundraise to provide opportunities for children in need.

Keep in mind that not all children with autism will enjoy the camp experience, but most can benefit from at least a week of therapeutic pleasure. Plus, sending your child to camp for a while can give you a much needed break.

Before committing to camp, of course, you’ll want to explore their website, read reviews, interview staff, and ideally visit your child. A low instructor-to-camper ratio is very important, as are the instructor training, the quality of the programs, the medical facilities and your personal feeling that the camp is a good match for your child’s interests, needs and personality.

Here are 10 camp directories to get you started.

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