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The IDF struck short-term targets in Gaza on Wednesday, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said in a proclamation, referring to inflatable cannons shipped from Gaza earlier today. According to reports in Israeli media, combustible inflatables shipped from Gaza set off numerous flames in southern Israel.

WAFA, the Palestinian news agency, also reported on the airstrikes in Khan Younis and said “material” damage had taken place. The news agency also covered another site south of Gaza City under designation and said there was no setback after the two episodes.

The airstrikes are the first in Gaza since a truce closed the loop almost a month earlier. The IDF said it hit Hamas military buildings and meeting places of Khan Younis and Gaza units.

The helium-filled inflatables, which were attached with combustible gadgets, were screened in Israel on Wednesday. The IDF says the inflatables were sent in dissent to the provocative banner march in Jerusalem, where large numbers of Israelis passed through the Old City. Far-right Jewish fanatics participating in the procession recited “Pass to the Arabs” and “This is our home”. Israeli police in revolt gear blocked the surrounding roads, forcibly removing Palestinian dissidents from the route.

33 Palestinian dissidents were injured, including by explosive fire, bungee fire and live fire, six of whom were evacuated to a clinic, following conflicts with Israeli security forces around East Jerusalem, said the Palestinian Red Crescent.

The march was seen as the main significant test for Israel’s new government, led by traditional Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. Previously, Bennett had pushed former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to take a tougher stance against Hamas and the startup of fuel inflatables as reported by Israeli media.

After the Israeli airstrikes, Hamas representative Hazem Kassem said on Twitter: “The Zionist bombing of the Gaza Strip is an attempted bombing to end the courage and obstruction of our parents with the holy city, and to hide the rare mess for the Zionist foundation in sorting the so-called “banner walk”. “

Hamas and other assailant groups in Gaza did not respond quickly with rocket fire at Israel, yet the situation along the Israel-Gaza line remains incredibly tense, and the possibility of an inevitable increase and genuine cannot be excluded.

Eleven days of war

Wednesday’s airstrikes come a month after the most terrible brutality in years between Israel and Hamas.

More than 11 days from May 10, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) carried out an overwhelming air blockade over Gaza, while the Palestinian assailant group Hamas launched a large number of rockets at Israel.

Israeli strikes during the new struggle executed at least 248 Palestinians, including 66 young people, Hamas health officials said. Regardless, 12 people in Israel, including two children, were slaughtered by Palestinian attacker fire from Gaza, according to the IDF and the crisis administration.

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A truce was reached on May 21 and followed a tornado of political efforts to end the threats.

The new battle between Israel and Hamas was thrown out after some time of pressure in Jerusalem, where a gathering of Palestinian families faced eviction from their homes in East Jerusalem for Jewish patriots.

In addition, during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, there was a succession of episodes that Palestinians saw as deeply provocative, including the end of a famous gathering place near the Old City, and the passage of the police. Israeli woman in the Al Aqsa Mosque on various events. There were normal conflicts in and around the mosque compound in which police fired stunning explosives and rubber-coated bullets while Palestinians threw stones.

Many Palestinians and some Israeli cops were injured in the unrest.

CNN’s Hadas Gold and Kareem Khadder reported from Jerusalem.

The Truce

Israel and Hamas both affirmed the truce on Friday, May 21, after the 11 days of fighting, but authorities have warned that the evil in Gaza will take a long time to remake.

After working in the background for long enough to achieve a detente, the White House said Washington had received claims from large gatherings that they were focusing on the truce.

As Palestinians and Israelis assessed the extent of the damage, a Gazan said his area appeared to have been hit by a wave. “How could the world be called cultivated?” Abu Ali asked, standing near the rubble of a 14-story tower.

Palestinian authorities put the costs of reproduction at a huge number of dollars, while financial experts said the fight could verify Israel’s monetary recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Five more bodies were removed from the rubble of Gaza, causing significant damage to 248 people, including 66 children, with more than 1,900 injured.

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The IDF said an Israeli warrior was executed along with 12 ordinary people, including two young people. Hundreds of people have been treated for injuries after bursts of rockets caused a frenzy and sent people as far away as Tel Aviv to scramble in blankets.

World Health Organization representative Margaret Harris said welfare offices in Gaza were at risk of being overwhelmed by large numbers of injuries.

She called for safe access to fire in the Gaza Strip for welfare supplies and teachers. “The real difficulties are the layoffs,” she told the UN virtual instructions.

Gaza has long been exposed to an Israeli bar that restricts the entry of people and goods, just like the limitations of Egypt.

Both nations refer to concerns over the influx of weapons to Hamas, the Islamist group that controls Gaza and has led the flood of rockets. Palestinians say the limitations add to the overall discipline of Gaza’s 2 million people.

Fabrizio Carboni, provincial overseer of the International Committee of the Red Cross, reiterated the WHO’s call for serious clinical supplies, adding: “It will take a long time to reorganize – and surprisingly more to change shattered lives. “

US President Joe Biden said Thursday that the guide would be sent quickly to Gaza, but organized with the Palestinian Authority – Hamas’ Western adversary in the West Bank involved – “in a way that does not allow Hamas to simply replenish its arsenal”.

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