The future of water is bright as Aquasight and Amazon Web Services announce partnership

Aquasight partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to bring digital transformation to utilities
worldwide with its Intelligent Water Solutions suite.

TROY, Mich., August 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Aquasight announces its official partnership with Amazon Web Services to change the way the smart water industry will evolve in the 21st century.

“Aquasight has reached this milestone at unprecedented speed, which is a testament to the quality of its architecture,” said patrick keaneyGlobal Business Development Manager for Water of Amazon Web Services at the AWWA 2022 ACE conference.

How Communities Benefit

Utilities across the country will benefit from this powerful partnership that will deliver advanced digital solutions to solve the most pressing water and wastewater issues. Passing the rigorous AWS Foundational technical review, Aquasight’s six smart water solutions have achieved a very high bar for architecture and cybersecurity.

“As we look at the road ahead from where we are today, we see endless possibilities to help our customers rebuild 21st century water infrastructure for their communities,” said Mahesh LunaniFounder and CEO of Aquasight.

Additionally, Aquasight has been nominated in the AWS Public Sector Program. This enables government and public sector organizations to get the most out of their digital transformation with Aquasight. This nomination validates the leadership position of Aquasight’s suite of cloud-based solutions to support the water industry worldwide.

About Aquasight

Founded in 2015, Aquasight is a global leader in smart water solutions. Aquasight has built a unique artificial intelligence infrastructure for the entire water cycle. Their infrastructure is used by over 120 communities with six plug-and-play solutions and can scale to any county, city and township, regardless of size or service area. For utilities and engineering consulting firms, Aquasight offers great economies of scale without the need to invest in digital infrastructure, resources or algorithms. Their technology is pre-built with over 100 features and the system can integrate with any source and sensor configuration. Utilities can now do more with less: focus on their core competencies in treating water, protecting public health, supporting physical infrastructure and serving customers.

This partnership is effective immediately and utilities can leverage the Aquasight/AWS difference by visiting this link ->

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