The Internet is at your fingertips with this online learning set from Amazon Web Services

Amazon is more than just a giant online retailer. It also includes Amazon Web Services, an internet mainstay behind websites around the world. Learn to navigate and use AWS with the 2022 Amazon Web Services Database Bundle, on sale for just $29.99.

The nine courses and 87 hours of content in this bundle cover the most essential uses of AWS, from machine learning to cloud migration to database management. These in-depth and immersive courses will give you practical knowledge that you can apply in your current job and develop skills to find a new one.

Taught by veteran instructors Juan Galvan, Integrity Training, CodingGears and Syed Raza, the courses in this pack are accessible and informative. Reviews for each course have averages of 4 out of 5 stars and above.

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Dive into the content in this bundle to explore the world of AWS and expand your knowledge base. Start with the AWS Certified Solutions Architect associate course to get hands-on training to navigate AWS services and design secure solutions with these technologies. Two cloud migration courses will show you how to move data to the cloud and start managing it there.

Once familiar with the basics of AWS, you can explore more complex features such as visualizations, DevOps automation, machine learning with Python, AWS VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), and more. Regardless of your current knowledge level, this set contains the information you need to build your skills and understanding of AWS.

If you’re a current or aspiring IT professional, the comprehensive lessons in this set cover tools you can use at work or add to your resume. Start learning with the 2022 Amazon Web Services Database Bundle, on sale for just $29.99, less than $4 per course.

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