Top 10 Online Directories To List Your Business


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What is this thing that worries every business start-up in the initial phase of their e-commerce? – Obtain enough lead conversions. While for this you need to plan the perfect strategy to promote your online store successfully on various online media channels, don’t forget to register your business name in online directories. Why? Since this is one of the easiest and fastest ways to appear on the search engine on a daily basis every time someone performs a relevant keyword search that matches the service you provide. Plus, if you’ve just opened an online store, it’s natural for customers not to even know that you are there with a particular service that they might need.

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Yes, there are alternative branding strategies like Pay Per Click Ads, but an online directory is your first step in placing your business in the online world.

Online Business Directories – How Does It Help Promote A Brand?

> Online business directories with local information appear regularly on the search engine results page.

> They are often the last place customers decide to act.

> Give websites a chance to be easily found on the search engine, even without following any SEO tactics.

Top 10 Business Listing Platforms To Register Your Site

# 1 – Google

Google is one of the most common and obvious places to list your business name. With Google Business For Places, viewers can easily search Google Maps, Google+, Google Search, and other devices. You can quickly finish registering your business and get started by following Google My Business Help for manual guidance.

Create your Google Business List

# 2 – Yahoo

This is another popular search engine after Google, where many commercial sites can register their names for free. However, you can also subscribe to the paid plan service in order to benefit from additional services such as adding more photos, automatic listing in other directories or a detailed business listing.

Create your Yahoo Local Business Listing

# 3 – Vintelli

Boost your website presence online by signing up to a business directory with targeted list management and optimized search engine placement. Unlike other business SEO sites, Vintelli allows businesses to provide viewers with authentic and valuable information that could help them make an appropriate decision.

Register your business with Vintelli

# 4 – Yelp

Yelp helps you reach more customers online with the help of great user-generated business information and customer reviews. By registering your business name on Yelp, you can add business photos, respond to customer reviews, and respond to customer needs quickly. What else! You can create separate offers for repeat customers and monitor traffic flow to understand customer behavior.

Claim your business on Yelp

# 5 – LinkedIn

If you’re running a business that needs to target professionals and other B2B relationships, don’t forget to join LinkedIn. This social platform provides a great source of useful business knowledge and insights. You can even view all recent discussions or group information and keep track of business updates.

Create your Company page on LinkedIn

# 6 – Yellow Pages

It is the digital version of the traditional business directory that prevailed in the pre-Internet age. Get your business listed in the Yellow Pages online directory and promote your brand to reach targets who regularly refer to this service.

To create your List of Yellow Pages companies

# 7 – White Pages

This is another business directory similar to the service provided by Pages Jaunes. You can also register your business here and provide information such as company name, department, and contact details.

To create your List of White Pages Companies

# 8 – Foursquare

Foursquare is an online business directory that allows businesses to earn badges for every number of repeat visits. Apart from this, you can also provide information like the location of the company, photos, product reviews, and other useful details.

Claim your Business at Foursquare

# 9 – Bing

It’s always good to stay listed on other search engine platforms because you never know what some customers prefer to use. With Bing Places for Business, you can register your site here which will appear on the search engine for viewers to take a look at.

To create your List of Bing companies

# 10 – YouTube

YouTube is a great platform to sign up and build your own brand personality. You can create compelling videos that will help increase your chances of reaching more customers on search engines and social media platforms. Short videos have the power to engage more target audiences compared to wordy content.

Register your business on Youtube

Registration in the business directory

Registration in the business directory

The list of names above has been carefully selected to provide you with some of the best business listing services. It is important for an online business to gain maximum exposure on the Internet. Listing your business in an online directory not only helps you gain visibility, it also helps you get to know yourself better.

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